A Bridge to a Better Smile

Most patients realize the importance of addressing several missing teeth, but might not view single tooth loss as equally worrisome. The truth, though, is that even one lost tooth can wreak havoc with your dental health, and a dental bridge may be the best way to prevent that from happening. A bridge is a lifelike prosthesis that consists of one or more replacement teeth, called pontics, that close the gap left in your smile by one or a few missing teeth. The pontics are supported by dental crowns that are bonded to adjacent healthy teeth (known as abutment teeth) for optimal comfort and stability.

With advanced imagery through our Primescan oral scanners, we can help you to avoid the unpleasantness that can come with traditional impressions. Say goodbye to the mess and the hassle, and experience the ease and speed of digital technology.  Primescan oral scanners provide detailed models of the inside of your mouth, giving our team a great start when crafting your dental bridge restoration.

If a Bridge Isn’t Enough

Dental bridges are typically preferable when only one tooth is lost, or when two or more adjacent teeth are lost. If you’ve lost several teeth, especially if they’re not next to each other, then a dental bridge might not suffice to rebuild your smile. Instead, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell may suggest a partial denture, which is designed to address multiple lost teeth in various locations along your dental ridge.