Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Tooth decay affects the majority of people at least once in their lives, and the cavities that it leaves behind grow larger and more threatening until they’re treated. Usually, mild to moderate cavities can be treated with a minimally-invasive tooth filling, which we make from biocompatible, lifelike composite resin. Our tooth-colored fillings not only blend in with your natural tooth structure, but also do a better job of protecting your teeth than metal fillings can.

Treating Cavities

The point of a tooth filling is to restore the structure that tooth decay has infected by filling the cavity while simultaneously protecting the afflicted tooth from further decay. Unlike metal, resin fillings can do so discreetly by being custom tinted to match your tooth’s color and appearance. Also, unlike metal, composite resin fillings can offer better protection from the oral bacteria that cause decay because the material can be securely bonded to your tooth’s structure.