Can A Lack Of Sleep Start To Affect Your Oral Health?

Tired curly woman yawn, has sleepy expression, drinks coffee early in morning, holds white muf of hot beverage, fatigue after work, wears bright stylish clothes, isolated on white wall, empty spaceIt can be hard to feel fully engaged with your daily responsibilities when you have not enjoyed a proper night’s rest. One night of poor sleep can make you spend your next day feeling groggy, irritable, and unfocused. If you continue to struggle with sleep issues, these issues can become more serious, and can have consequences for your general health. In these periods where you lack sleep, you may put your smile at risk in ways that you do not realize. Many caffeinated drinks are acidic, and may be high in sugar. Your tiredness may also interfere with your ability to practice good brushing and flossing habits after you wake. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office encourages patients to consistently protect their teeth. In addition to helping you at regular dental checkups, Dr. Johnson can provide insights on how you can make smart choices on your own. (more…)

Can Dry Mouth Really Make It Tougher To Prevent Cavities?

What stands between you and a healthy smile? Some people struggle with poor oral health because they do not do enough to consistently clean their teeth. For others, an issue with their diet choices can expose them to more risk for dental decay. It is also possible for dry mouth to affect your ability to prevent problems with your oral health. Dry mouth is often caused by dehydration, but it can also occur due to stress, after drinking coffee or tea, or because of a medication you are taking. When it occurs, your natural defense against dental problems can be reduced. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson can work with patients who have greater risks for dental problems and offer support to help their teeth stay healthy. When you recognize and address obstacles to good oral health, you can be better defended against cavities! (more…)

Teaching Good Oral Hygiene Habits To Young Children

At first, parents take on an active role in protecting a child’s smile by cleaning their teeth. Over time, kids can develop the coordination and understanding to start brushing and flossing on their own. How can you make sure your kids are ready to do this, and how can you be sure they are doing a good job of cleaning their teeth without your help? Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can provide important oral health care support and guidance for parents thanks to our pediatric dental services. We can help you make the dentist’s office feel safe and friendly by providing an initial “well baby” exam, and we can provide information on caring for their teeth as they start to age. When they are ready, you can model good oral hygiene habits for your kids, and provide encouragement to make sure they effectively protect their smiles! (more…)

Better Flossing Can Help You Avoid Cavities And Gingivitis

What makes flossing important to your overall commitment to maintaining a healthy smile? When you brush your teeth, you can thoroughly remove plaque and food debris from most areas of your teeth, but the bristles of your brush are less effective at cleaning in those spaces where teeth meet. Unfortunately, many people are satisfied after just brushing, and allow harmful agents to accumulate in those spaces. This can lead to plaque formation, and eventually result in calculus buildup. If you are not doing enough to fully clean your teeth, you may find yourself in need of restorative dental work after your next checkup at our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office. (more…)

Poor Oral Health Can Impact More Than Just Your Smile

When you brush and floss your teeth, and go in for dental exams and cleanings, you protect more than just your smile. Keeping up with your oral health can help you avoid problems that can actually affect your general health in ways that may surprise you. By protecting yourself against tooth decay, you can avoid a potentially serious problem with a tooth infection. When you prevent gingivitis, you can avoid complications that may make it harder for you to maintain your overall health. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is proud to help kids and adults take care of their smiles, but we are also here to help patients avoid the difficulties that can be linked to poor oral care. (more…)

3 Obstacles To A Healthy Smile You Should Know About

What is stopping you from maintaining your healthiest smile? Patients who believe they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their oral health are sometimes caught off guard by news that they need restorative dental work. Despite convincing themselves they have no problems with their hygiene routine, they may be making a costly mistake, or possibly several. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office proudly takes care of our patients’ teeth and gums during regular dental checkups. To further protect your smile from harm, be sure to avoid the kinds of mistakes that can lead to problems like gingivitis and tooth decay. (more…)

Your Caffeine Habit May Affect Your Smile In Unwelcome Ways

Caffeine can feel like a crucial ally when you have an early start to your day, or when you need to stay focused and productive at the end of a busy period. Because beverages like coffee, tea, and energy drinks are so present in our lives, you may not notice just how often you turn to this stimulant. Without moderation, you may put yourself at risk for dental problems because of your caffeine consumption. Many of the beverages we enjoy that contain caffeine can also create cosmetic problems by staining teeth. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office wants our patients to successfully protect themselves against smile problems. It is important to recognize that our daily behaviors can play more of a role in affecting our risk for cavities and other issues than you might think possible! (more…)

Did You Know? Stress Can Interfere With Your Oral Health

While we often think about stress in terms of the emotional toll it can take, remember that you may also undergo unwelcome physical effects during a difficult period. If it is not being managed effectively, your stress can actually pose a problem for your smile. You can have a more difficult time keeping up with the right habits, and you may experience physical issues that make preventing problems harder. The dental care provided during your checkups with our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is important, but remember that what you do between visits also matters. By making an effort to protect your teeth each day – even during stressful periods – you can better guard your smile against problems like tooth decay and gum disease! (more…)

Improving Your Smile Through An Invisalign Treatment

Even though your teeth are in good health, you may feel unhappy about the way you look when you smile. Problems with the way your teeth are spaced can leave you with gaps or overlaps that make your smile asymmetrical, and also create visible flaws that draw unwelcome attention. The idea of orthodontic work can appeal to many people, but it can be hard to comfortably commit to wearing braces, particularly as an adult. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, individuals who want to do something about poor alignment can learn about Invisalign treatment. Invisalign appliances are removable and difficult to see, which can make orthodontic work easier for you to commit to! (more…)

How Can I Help My Kids Correct Poor Oral Health Habits?

As kids grow up, they take on more of the tasks that their parents previously performed. When kids learn to take care of their teeth on their own, they should have a clear understanding of how to fully clean their teeth, and a sense of why it is important to keep up with this habit. Unfortunately, because they are still learning, many kids can fail to realize that they are doing a poor job taking care of their growing smiles. You can help correct poor oral health habits by cleaning your teeth with them, and offering helpful guidance. You can also count on your St. Louis, MO dentist to provide instructions during pediatric dental visits. These lessons, along with the routine preventive services offered during dental checkups, can give kids important support as they take on their dental health needs! (more…)