When Should Your Baby Attend Their First Dental Visit?

It is important to provide the right care for your child at home, and to secure the right professional services to make sure they are cared for. At an early age, a baby’s teeth will begin to arrive. When this happens, you should arrange a trip to see a dentist for a “well baby” examAt our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell provides these initial exams, which provide an early introduction to the dentist’s office for your child and an early check on the arrival of their teeth. In addition to the well baby exam, which should take place by the child’s first birthday, we can provide complimentary exams for children under the age of two when parents come in for their own routine dental exams! (more…)

How Much Work Will It Take To Restore A Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth is a problem even when the damage is minor. Your ability to put bite pressure on the tooth can be reduced, and you can feel self-conscious about a visible flaw that hurts your smile. There are several procedures that can restore the appearance of a tooth and provide any needed functional support. For superficial harm, cosmetic dentistry can be recommended. These procedures are more conservative, so more of your natural tooth structure remains unchanged. Restorative dental work can restore a tooth’s appearance while also keeping it safe from complications. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can examine your tooth and determine what procedure is right to give you back your smile and preserve your oral health. (more…)

Setting Oral Hygiene Goals For The New Year

Have you experienced issues with cavities this past year? Were you surprised by symptoms of gingivitis? As you look forward to the new year, you may want to consider how you can improve your approach to oral hygiene. Changes in your physical health, the gradual erosion of your enamel, and fluctuations in your diet can all impact your vulnerability to dental problems. Regular dental exams can help you stay on track, they can be important to sustain good daily behaviors. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can discuss your habits with you and help you look for more ways to positively change your approach to oral hygiene! (more…)

Make Sure Your Family Commits To Good Oral Hygiene Habits

When everyone in your household commits to protecting their teeth and gums from dental problems, you can avoid trips to the dentist’s office for restorative work. While parents and kids alike need to take their dental well-being seriously, the right approach can differ for people in different age groups. For your own oral health needs, you should focus on smart diet choices, a consistent oral hygiene routine, and regularly scheduled routine dental exams. While kids should do the same, they can require guidance from their parents and dentist on forming and maintaining good habits. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can help you and your kids develop and stick to good habits, just as we can step in with solutions if anyone experiences issues that call for treatment. (more…)

Starting The New Year With A Brighter Smile

Are you ready to greet the new year with a bright, confident smile? If you currently feel less comfortable with the way you look because your teeth appear dull or discolored, consider the benefits of teeth whitening treatment! At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, patients can come to us to discuss what they would like to do about the color and general condition of their smile. One thing we can offer is a same-day whitening procedure that produces significant results in a short time! In just a single appointment, you can enjoy teeth that are significantly brighter. This is one of many cosmetic dental services that our practice can offer to patients ready to make changes to the way that they look. (more…)

Use This Year’s Dental Benefits While You Still Can!

We have less than one month remaining in the year, but you can still find space on the calendar to take care of your dental health! If you have dental benefits remaining for the year, you still have a chance to take advantage of them and enjoy quality smile care. Keeping up with routine preventive dental care will help you avoid trouble with common problems like dental decay and gingivitis. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can provide services to patients of all ages, so we can help you and everyone in your family maintain healthy teeth and gums! (more…)

How Parents Help Younger Kids Learn Good Oral Hygiene Habits

In the time before your kids are old enough to brush and floss their own teeth, they will depend on you to protect them from cavities. At this point, you will have a direct responsibility for maintaining their oral health, though their dentist will also provide support. With that said, kids are typically capable of brushing and flossing on their own by about age six or seven. Will your child be ready at this point? Do they know what it will take to protect their oral health? At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson has experience guiding younger patients with their preventive care. Through regular pediatric dental exams and your support at home, you can give your child the support they need to develop positive oral health habits! (more…)

Are You Starting To Lose Confidence In Your Smile?

Even if your teeth are healthy, gradual changes in their appearance can leave you feeling unhappy with the way they look. Those changes can be the result of teeth stains that have accumulated. They can also stem from issues with gradual wear and tear on your enamel that change their shapes. When issues like this start to bother you, talk to your St. Louis, MO dentist’s office! A cosmetic dental procedure can give you back a smile that you are confident in. Dr. Johnson can also help you avoid future cosmetic concerns by helping you keep your teeth in good health at routine dental exams. (more…)

Will Holiday Activities Lead To Problems For Your Smile?

While holiday plans can change from year to year, one aspect of your celebrations can remain constant. At formal and informal gatherings alike, you can expect to enjoy a variety of rich meals and desserts. While this can be good for your spirits, you may be putting your smile at more risk than you realize when you indulge. Increasing the amount of sugary or starchy foods you consume can make you more vulnerable to tooth decay. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can help you stay on top of your oral health concerns at regular dental exams. While these checkups provide valuable protection against potential problems, remember that you also need to make smart choices between your visits if you want to avoid restorative dental work! (more…)

What To Look For In A Dentist’s Office For Your Child

Finding the right dentist for a child is important, and it can have long-term benefits. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can provide important oral health services for younger patients, including those who are coming in to see the dentist for the first time. Starting with a “well baby exam,” we can introduce your child to our practice, then ease them into the kind of routine preventive dental services that are beneficial to patients of all ages. By making our office a friendly and comfortable environment, we can make kids more comfortable coming back for future appointments. By checking on their developing oral structures, we can also give parents early warnings about possible oral health problems while also preventing issues with tooth decay. (more…)