We Can Restore Cavities While Preserving Your Smile

With the combined forces of smart daily care and regular dental exams, you can control your risks for tooth decay. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to realize that small changes in their daily routine can affect their relative risk over time. As a result, people who are confident they take good care of their teeth can wind up with a cavity at least once. Fortunately, you can count on our modern restorative dental work to ensure decay does not affect the way you look. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office has helped many people deal with cavities by the placement of lifelike restorations that keep their teeth safe while avoiding unwelcome cosmetic changes. (more…)

Fitting A Whitening Treatment Into Your Busy Schedule

A person’s desire to address teeth stains can sometimes go unaddressed because they simply feel too busy to make time for cosmetic dental work. If you have found yourself in this position, you should know that an expert teeth whitening procedure may be easier to slip into your schedule than you think possible. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is prepared to help you show off a better, brighter smile by offering you a take-home teeth whitening kit! The personalized kits that we provide make treatments easy to perform, and they can lead to results that store bought whitening products are not able to match. (more…)

3 Long-Term Smile Benefits Regular Dental Exams Provide

Few features are as memorable as a bright, lovely smile. If you want to remain confident in the health and appearance of your teeth over the years, you should think about your current commitment to oral hygiene, and stay consistent with routine dental checkups. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is ready to provide patients with consistent smile support to help fight the accumulation of calculus, and to prevent the formation of harmful cavities. These visits are also a good opportunity for you to talk about your smile concerns, and explore different paths to improvement. You may find that a conservative cosmetic dental procedure is able to produce great changes to your smile that offer long-term value! (more…)

Enjoy Dental Care At A Practice Your Entire Family Can Visit

Because family life can be so hectic, it can be exciting to find ways to make important responsibilities easier to address. One thing you can do is look for a dental practice that can provide quality smile care for adults, as well as great pediatric care! Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is ready to help everyone in your family keep their teeth in terrific health. For our adult patients, we provide support during regular dental exams that can help you stay free of problems that could seriously hurt the quality of your smile over time. Our younger patients receive expert support in a friendly environment, along with instructions that help them take better care of their teeth between appointments. (more…)

Cosmetic Care Can Revitalize Teeth Affected By Wear And Tear

If you feel like your smile no longer looks the way it used to, dental wear and tear could be responsible. Over time, the friction from biting and chewing foods each day can start to affect the shape of teeth. For some individuals, the effect of that friction can lead to changes that become hard to ignore. Our St. Louis, MO dental office can help you if you want to address unwelcome changes to the shape of your teeth. Our approach to cosmetic dental work is different for each patient, as we want you to have the results that best suit your individual needs and concerns. (more…)

Let’s Talk About Improving Your Smile For The New Year

If you want to show off a smile that is brighter, free of conspicuous flaws, and generally more attractive, the right cosmetic dental procedure can help. At our St. Louis, MO dental office, we are ready to help patients see great smile improvements through cosmetic dental care. After learning what you want from your smile improvement, we can discuss the different procedures we offer to make you excited to show off your smile. While a single procedure can make a significant difference to the way you look, Dr. Johnson can have your work completed in less time than you may think possible! (more…)

When Is It Appropriate To Book My Child’s First Dental Exam?

A baby’s teeth can begin to erupt at around the six month mark, though children develop at different rates. Even before this occurs, parents need to provide gentle care for their baby’s gums to keep them clean, and protect against early oral health issues. While you have a daily responsibility to care for your child’s smile, you may be unsure about when to bring them for their first dental appointment. At our St. Louis, MO dental practice, we encourage parents to bring their babies in for a “well baby exam” within six months of their first tooth’s arrival, or by their first birthday at the latest. This first visit is a chance to introduce an infant to a new environment, and gently check on their development. At around their third birthday, it can be appropriate to start routine pediatric dental appointments. (more…)

Are You Self-Conscious Because Of Teeth Stains?

If you feel like your teeth stains are becoming hard to ignore, your confidence in your smile can suffer. At our St. Louis, MO dental office, we often speak with individuals who are concerned that their appearance is hurt by discolored teeth. Over the counter treatment options can leave people particularly frustrated by this problem, as they can deliver limited results. We offer two different approaches to treating teeth stains that affect your appearance. We offer an in-office treatment that can deliver great results in one appointment, and a take-home kit that you can use at your convenience. If something other than stains have affected your smile color, we can discuss the benefits of other cosmetic dental procedures to help you. (more…)

Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Through 2020 (And Beyond)

We are close to the end of the year (and the decade), which makes this a great time to start thinking about your goals for the future. If you have struggled with dental health issues, or if you want to keep your teeth as healthy and bright as possible, make sure you include smile care goals in your plans for the next year. At our St. Louis, MO dental practice, we can offer guidance on better oral care at home, while also providing treatment during regular dental exams that can keep your teeth in good condition. Combining regular dental checkups with smarter habits at home can help you remain cavity-free in 2020…and beyond! (more…)

Tips To Keep You Safe From Halloween Candy

Halloween is still a few days away, but you may already sense that Halloween candy is constantly within arm’s reach. This is an important time to think about your kids’ dental health needs, as trick-or-treating can provide them with a considerable candy haul. With that said, sweets affect teeth of all ages, and you may cause trouble for your own smile with “occasional” indulgences. Our St. Louis, MO dental practice is ready to help families who want to keep their teeth safe throughout the year. We can help take care of tooth decay that occurs after Halloween, and we are ready to help you protect yourself so cavities don’t “haunt” your smile! (more…)