Dental Crowns Give Teeth New Life

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest, and having been a significant part of restorative dental care for centuries, dental crowns often prove it. A crown is a lifelike replica of the top portion of your tooth – also called the crown – and is bonded in place to completely cap a cracked, fractured, or broken tooth. At Magnolia Family Dental, we offer a variety of dental crown types to fit every patient’s unique needs, and Dr. Johnson-G’Sell will collaborate closely with you to help you determine which crown is right for you.

Our team uses advanced imagery using Primescan oral scanners, helping you to have a great experience during your restoration. Traditional impressions can be messy, so this offers you a solution that allows you to come in for your appointment during a lunch break or in the morning. With Primescan’s digital oral scanning technology, you can experience a better dentistry.

A Crown for Every Need

The oldest forms of modern dental crowns are made from durable, biocompatible metal, and are still frequently used for molars and teeth that withstand the most bite pressure. Today, however, more patients are choosing more lifelike crowns, such as those made from highly realistic porcelain and zirconia. Both materials closely replicate the color, texture, and translucence of your natural teeth, though zirconia is a stronger option than porcelain. For optimal appearance and function, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell may suggest an E-max crown, which offers unparalleled realism in mimicking your natural, healthy teeth.