Smile Brightly Again with Professional Teeth-Whitening

Stains happen, and unfortunately we can’t always prevent them. The good news is that teeth stains don’t always mean that something is wrong with your teeth. Yet stains can diminish your bright smile and your confidence. At Magnolia Family Dental, we offer two forms of professional teeth-whitening designed to fit easily into your schedule so you can enjoy a bright, confident smile in almost no time!

Teeth-Whitening Your Way

Take-home teeth-whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments, and consists of a set of custom trays that fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. The trays allow you to apply the professional-strength whitening gel to your teeth. After wearing them for a couple of hours each day (for about two weeks), your smile will be bright and stain-free! If you need a whiter smile in less time, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell might suggest in-office treatment, which can be completed in a single visit with equally amazing results.