Can Daily Stress Take A Toll On Your Oral Health?

Picture yourself taking the time to brush and floss in the morning. Do you see yourself making a proper effort to make sure your teeth are being fully cleaned? You may make a point to practice good dental habits, but those habits can be disrupted by a packed schedule, and general feelings of stress. When you have to dash off to work, or have different matters weighing on your mind, you may end up maintaining a less than ideal oral care regimen. Of course, stressful situations can lead to more than just poor habits. Your stress can lead to frequent teeth grinding, or issues with TMJ dysfunction, that result in chronic pain, and dental damage. 

Addressing A Teeth Grinding Habit

Stress can lead some people to develop bruxism, a habit of grinding their teeth at night. If it goes untreated, this can lead to chipped or cracked teeth, and create problems with TMJ dysfunction. Fortunately, your dentist is prepared to help if you develop these issues. Many individuals have enjoyed relief from the pain these conditions cause thanks to the use of a custom oral appliance. Your appliance can ensure that your teeth are protected at night, and that your jaw joints remain aligned properly, so they do not leave you in pain.

Making Time For Effective Preventive Dental Care

Even when your life seems hectic, you should make a point to give your smile the care it needs. After all, oral bacteria will not give you a break just because you’ve been busy lately! Brushing and flossing thoroughly will help you remove oral bacteria and food debris, and protect you against threats like tooth decay and gum disease. You should also make a point to keep up with regular dental exams. Missing an appointment can lead to a problem going untreated, worsening, and leading to more involved restorative dental treatment at a later date.

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