Month: April 2021

Oral Health Care For Kids And Adults

Kids and adults are susceptible to cavities, but the right habits can keep people of all ages safe from oral health problems. Good dental hygiene habits can help everyone in your household remain safe against decay as well as gum disease. When it comes to professional dental care, children and their parents can benefit from… Read more »

The Value Of Consistent Dental Checkups

To stay consistent with dental care, you should make both daily care at home and preventive oral health visits a priority. On a daily basis, you can fight plaque formation and clear away food debris by brushing and flossing. Unless you are told by your dentist to do otherwise, you should make semiannual dental exams a… Read more »

3 Consequences Of Poor Oral Hygiene

There are real consequences to not sticking to a good oral hygiene routine. Poor habits can lead to difficulties with dental decay as well as gum disease, and these problems can worsen over time. One thing you can do to protect yourself is to schedule regular exams. At your appointments, you can receive early notification about… Read more »

Taking A Whitening Kit From Your Dentist

After taking home a whitening treatment from your local grocery store or pharmacy, you can hope to see impressive results from its use. However, when you use them, you can find that their results are limited. To see more striking results, talk to your St. Louis, MO dentist about using a professional treatment. A professional… Read more »