Month: March 2022

Smile Changes Made By Clear Aligners

What can you do about poor teeth spacing when you feel uneasy about wearing metal braces? Traditional braces that use brackets and wires to correct malocclusion can offer important changes, as they can fix alignment flaws that hurt your appearance as well as your oral health. But not everyone who wants to correct gaps and… Read more »

Your Baby’s First Dental Exam

Your baby’s development can be a wonder to witness. With that said, without the right support and information, you can find yourself wondering if you are doing enough to help them grow up healthy and happy. The good news is that while babies need plenty of support, you have help available to you. Our St. Louis,… Read more »

Do Your Teeth Need A “Spring Cleaning”?

While you can spend more of your free time than you like taking care to clean your home, your efforts reward you with a more attractive and healthier living space. Whether you take the idea of “spring cleaning” seriously or just continue with your usual chores, it is hard to deny the positive impacts of… Read more »

How Veneers Address Smile Concerns

Whether you have concerns about the color of your smile, the current condition of your enamel, or problems with teeth spacing or sizes, your flaws can seriously impact your confidence. Fortunately, these are all fixable issues. In fact, with the right cosmetic procedure, you can take on more than one problem in a short time! At… Read more »