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We Can Provide Great Dental Care For Parents And Kids!

Once you become a parent, your oral health obligations are about more than just your own smile. Your child’s smile will need proper protection from an early age. Over time, your involvement in their care will become less direct as they develop the ability to brush and floss on their own. However, you still need… Read more »

Starting Your Child On Regular Preventive Dental Care

Your child’s smile deserves fantastic dental care from the start. As they grow, and their teeth begin to arrive, the approach to providing that care can change. Your St. Louis, MO dentist can help you manage your child’s oral health care needs over the years. At the first visit, Dr. Johnson will focus on making… Read more »

Giving Your Family The Gift Of Good Oral Health

Are you doing enough to take care of your smile each day? Are your kids receiving the proper guidance and support to stay cavity-free? If you want to make sure your entire family is maintaining good oral health, there are helpful measures to take. Kids can struggle with maintaining their smile because they simply understand… Read more »

Should I Check In On My Kids While They Brush And Floss?

Once your kids are old enough to brush and floss their teeth on their own, you may worry that they are not taking this responsibility seriously. One reason young patients can have more oral health troubles than adults is that they are less aware of how (or why) they should take care of their teeth…. Read more »

Well Baby Exams Can Make Future Checkups Easier

Once a baby’s teeth start to arrive, you need to take steps to keep those teeth healthy. Within six months of their first tooth’s arrival, parents should bring their child in for a “well baby exam.” Your St. Louis, MO dentist, Dr. Johnson, can welcome her youngest patients for this initial appointment, which focuses on… Read more »

Bringing Kids In For Dental Care Before Summer Ends

Are you prepared for the start of the new school year? You can find yourself with a checklist of responsibilities to complete before the end of summer. If you want to make sure your child returns to school with a healthy smile, schedule a pediatric dental checkup with your St. Louis, MO dentist’s office. During… Read more »

Early Visits Help Kids Feel Comfortable With Their Dentist

What do children gain from visiting the dentist at an early age? Once your child’s teeth start to become visible, it is time to think about how to best protect their oral health.   It is important to learn to care for your child’s teeth, and how their diet and habits can affect their dental development. The American… Read more »

Providing Excellent Care For Your Child’s Smile

Children, particularly younger children, can require a special degree of care when they visit the dentist. One concern is about their potential anxiety over dental care. Because of this, your dentist will work to provide the best possible experience during your child’s first visit. That way, they can feel at ease during future appointments, and… Read more »

Fixing Smiles In One Visit With Cosmetic Dentistry

We’ve looked at teeth whitening, but what about if your teeth are damaged or misshapen? We actually have two unique cosmetic treatments that address a number of esthetic concerns. In fact, with bonding and contouring we can fix smiles in just one visit!

What Does Children’s Dentistry Involve?

Just like adults, children need to see the dentist for routine, and sometimes even restorative, care. We strive to ensure children enjoy a calm and relaxing environment in the office, one in which they feel comfortable. What else does our approach to children’s dentistry involve? Do we offer the same treatments that we do for… Read more »