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Starting Dental Exams For Your Child

The early milestones in child development are important. When it comes to oral health milestones, early dental visits provide you with beneficial information, and they help kids develop a sense of comfort around oral health care. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, parents can count on us for ongoing support once their child is old… Read more »

Dental Services For Kids And Parents

Finding a family dentist helps you make sure that everyone in your household has the right support for their smile. Regular access to preventive care is important at every age, though the kind of care you need changes through the years. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide support tailored to each member of… Read more »

Dental Care For Kids And Their Parents

Your child may need help caring for their teeth, and they may be less clear on the value of smile care, but people of all ages can have the same general oral health concerns. Smart protection against dental decay calls for good diet choices, effective oral hygiene practices, and regular dental checkups. Your St. Louis, MO… Read more »

Planning Kids’ Dental Care During Summer

Proper dental care is important all year long. With that said, summer can be a great time to schedule preventive care, particularly for your kids! After all, this is a time when you do not have to worry about interfering with their time in school. It is also helpful at keeping children consistent with dental care at… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Exams For Young Kids

Younger children have different concerns than adults, when it comes to oral health. Among other differences, kids go through a process of gaining their primary teeth, losing them, and regaining a full smile when their secondary teeth arrive. Children also have to learn the basics of oral hygiene, and develop an understanding of why smile… Read more »

Teaching Kids To Care For Their Teeth

Parents have no shortage of responsibilities when it comes to caring for their children. At first, a parent will take care of their child’s smile by cleaning their teeth. As children grow older, they can take on this task themselves. To make sure they do this effectively, they should learn how to properly clean their teeth and… Read more »

Oral Health Care For Kids And Adults

Kids and adults are susceptible to cavities, but the right habits can keep people of all ages safe from oral health problems. Good dental hygiene habits can help everyone in your household remain safe against decay as well as gum disease. When it comes to professional dental care, children and their parents can benefit from… Read more »

Dental Checkups At An Early Age Can Have Long-Term Value

Once your baby’s teeth begin to arrive, they will be vulnerable to the formation of cavities. You will obviously have an important role to play in preserving their dental health at this age, you can count on your dentist for help! Our St. Louis, MO dental office is happy to provide a “well baby exam,” an appointment… Read more »

How Can I Help My Kids Learn The Value Of Good Oral Hygiene?

When kids learn the right lessons about oral hygiene, they can have an easier time taking care of their teeth, and they can face fewer risks from dental problems like tooth decay. Parents obviously have an important role to play in educating their children on dental health. After all, you will be directly responsible for… Read more »

Make Sure Your Family Commits To Good Oral Hygiene Habits

When everyone in your household commits to protecting their teeth and gums from dental problems, you can avoid trips to the dentist’s office for restorative work. While parents and kids alike need to take their dental well-being seriously, the right approach can differ for people in different age groups. For your own oral health needs, you should… Read more »