Month: June 2021

Will Cavity Treatment Change My Smile?

Protecting yourself against dental decay is important. Even if your cavity is identified and treated in its early stage, it will do permanent harm to your enamel that will have to be addressed. When you schedule cavity treatment at our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can provide treatment that still preserves your appearance. With both dental… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Exams For Young Kids

Younger children have different concerns than adults, when it comes to oral health. Among other differences, kids go through a process of gaining their primary teeth, losing them, and regaining a full smile when their secondary teeth arrive. Children also have to learn the basics of oral hygiene, and develop an understanding of why smile… Read more »

Addressing Unwelcome Smile Changes

With the right approach to dental care, you can keep your teeth and gums in good health. Good oral hygiene can also help you avoid unwelcome changes to your smile, as you can keep your enamel strong and fight the accumulation of enamel stains. With that said, problems can gradually occur over time and cause you… Read more »

General Dental Care And Your Gums

If you want to maintain your overall health and preserve your full smile, make sure to take good care of your gums. Problems with poor periodontal health can affect you in several ways you may find surprising. Managing other health issues can become more difficult if you are also trying to manage gum disease. You also… Read more »