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Care For Your Smile With A Dental Checkup

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Even with a dedication to your oral health, you still need to see your dentist from time to time for a cleaning and examination. Your routine brushing and flossing is certainly important, but home hygiene is simply not enough to keep your smile safe as you age. Most patients need to see the dentist at… Read more »

Maintain Your Smile With Helpful Prevention

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While much of your oral health maintenance comes at home, you still need to regularly see your dentist for a cleaning and examination. For most people, these visits are necessary every six months. Some patients have certain environmental or genetic factors that require an accelerated schedule of these appointments, so always be sure to speak… Read more »

Smile Improvement Goals For 2023

The end of the year is just days away, making this a great time to think about how you can make the most of 2023. Both broad and focused resolutions can be well worth making, as they can help you clarify what you want for the new year and what you hope to avoid. Whether… Read more »

Use Your Remaining Dental Benefits While You Still Can!

The year is close to its end, but you still have several weeks to take care of tasks that need to be handled in 2022. For example, there is still time for you to use your remaining dental benefits for the year. By doing so and keeping up with smile care, you can enjoy important protection… Read more »

Holiday Smile Care Tips For Your Family

How will you celebrate the holidays with your family this year? Many people will travel for at least one seasonal gathering, with some taking multiple trips to enjoy the different special occasions that take place at the end of the year. While this can be a rewarding series of trips, it can also become a… Read more »

Do You Have Dental Benefits Left For The Year?

When you make good use of your dental benefits, you stay informed about your oral health and keep your smile protected. 2022 is just a few months away from ending, which means you have a limited time to use any benefits that you have left. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is here to help you check in… Read more »

Halloween Candy And Your Dental Health

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and you may have already taken several steps to make sure you celebrate it properly. Buying and putting out decorations, selecting costumes, and stocking up on candy are all normal parts of preparing for the holiday. As fun as it can be to enjoy the season, that Halloween candy… Read more »

Better Smile Care Now Can Have Lasting Value

How does your current smile care routine protect you? Are you really doing enough to stop issues like calculus buildup, gingivitis, or tooth decay from affecting you? Regular dental care should be a priority if you want to preserve your smile as well as your overall health. What you should know is that better habits earlier in… Read more »

Use Those Yearly Dental Benefits While You Still Can!

The final months of the year are approaching, but you have more time than you realize to make the most of 2022. One matter to think about is what you have done with your dental benefits to date, and what you can do before they can no longer be used. There is still time to make sure… Read more »

Trouble Caused By Unaddressed Gingivitis

When you put off treatment for a cavity, it will continue to grow and do irreversible harm to your enamel. One of the advantages to regularly booking dental exams is that you can learn you need treatment for decay before that damage worsens to the point of creating complications. Another benefit is that you receive… Read more »