Category: Preventive Dentistry

Is There Room For Improvement In Your Brushing Routine?

Over years of daily use, your teeth can start to lose layers of enamel. This natural erosion can be hard to avoid, but you should know that it may affect your risk for cavities. What can you do to make sure you continue avoiding issues with tooth decay over time? Keeping up with regular dental… Read more »

Is Your Favorite Breakfast Hurting Your Smile?

For some people, a day is not officially started until they have their go-to breakfast. Are you devoted to a particular brand of cereal? Do you gravitate towards pastries, bagels, or other hand-held treats? The unfortunate truth is that many of our favorite breakfast options can be loaded with sugar. As a result, you continue… Read more »

3 Habits To Follow If You Want A Healthier Smile

Can your daily behaviors help you sustain a healthy smile? Unfortunately, people sometimes keep up with a few good habits, while missing out on other opportunities to defend themselves against tooth decay and gum disease. While they can go some time without trouble, they can be caught off guard during a dental exam that leads… Read more »

3 Reasons To Keep Up With Good Flossing Habits

You spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth, you always use an ADA-approved toothpaste, and you replace a toothbrush when its bristles show signs of wear. While this is an admirable commitment to cleaning your teeth, one important step is missing. If you want to fully protect your smile, you need to floss, as… Read more »

Is It Time To Start Cutting Back On Soft Drinks?

If you are having a hard time protecting your teeth against decay, you may connect the problem to your efforts to brush and floss. Improvements may be important in regards to your daily oral care routine, but there are other aspects of your daily life that could be affecting your well-being. Your typical diet –… Read more »

Drinking More Water Can Be Good For Your Oral Health

You should be taking the time to properly brush and floss, and you should make semiannual dental checkups part of your overall smile care practices. This familiar advice is important to follow, but there are other preventive dental health tips you should know. For example, you can help your teeth and gums by drinking more… Read more »

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Dental Cleaning?

When you brush and floss your teeth, you take care of oral bacteria, food particles, and even built-up plaque that can cling to your enamel. What you should know is that any tartar accumulations on your smile are NOT being removed by these at-home cleaning sessions. Tartar can persist on your teeth, and increase your… Read more »

Better Snacks And Meals Can Help You Avoid Smile Troubles

You can keep up with effective brushing and flossing habits, only to work against those habits by choosing unhealthy snacks and meals. It’s true that clearing away oral bacteria and food debris by brushing and flossing twice a day is helpful. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to account for how much harm bacteria can do during… Read more »

Fighting Plaque At Home, And With Your Dentist’s Help

Hopefully, you already have a strategy for fighting a potential buildup of plaque on your teeth. Effective and consistent brushing and flossing routines help people rid their teeth of the bacteria buildup that can lead to the development of this unpleasant substance. Unfortunately, some people can be too confident in an oral hygiene regimen that… Read more »

We Can Provide Great Dental Care For Parents And Kids!

Once you become a parent, your oral health obligations are about more than just your own smile. Your child’s smile will need proper protection from an early age. Over time, your involvement in their care will become less direct as they develop the ability to brush and floss on their own. However, you still need… Read more »