Month: August 2022

We Can Examine An Uncomfortable Filling

Are you losing the ability to comfortably bite and chew with a tooth that has been through cavity treatment? Restorative dental work addresses problems with decay by placing fillings or crowns. With both options, we can provide long-term support that will keep your tooth safe and secure. A dental filling does this while only covering… Read more »

How Calculus Buildup Hurts Your Smile

A steady buildup of oral bacteria and food debris that occurs throughout the day on your smile can become a problem. However, with the right hygiene routine in place, you are less likely to experience serious consequences as a result of this issue. Does this mean you have no need to visit a dentist for preventive services?… Read more »

Should I Consider Dental Bonding Work?

When you feel unhappy with your smile, you can find that there are different cosmetic services that can help. What may surprise you is just how much good one conservative procedure can do for your appearance. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide meaningful improvements through tooth bonding and contouring work. With this approach,… Read more »

Is Discreet Cavity Care Really Possible?

If you have a cavity, treatment will have to take place in order to save your tooth from further harm. In order to ensure it remains safe, you will need to receive a filling or crown for support. While this can be less concerning when you need work done on a molar, which is hard to… Read more »

Enjoy A Brighter Smile Before Summer Ends

Summer will be over soon, but it’s not too late to make the most of these longer days! At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide a professional teeth whitening treatment that lets you flash a brighter, more confident smile before the season comes to an end. Whether you want to look your best in vacation photos,… Read more »