Month: May 2020

Can A Lack Of Sleep Start To Affect Your Oral Health?

It can be hard to feel fully engaged with your daily responsibilities when you have not enjoyed a proper night’s rest. One night of poor sleep can make you spend your next day feeling groggy, irritable, and unfocused. If you continue to struggle with sleep issues, these issues can become more serious, and can have… Read more »

Can Dry Mouth Really Make It Tougher To Prevent Cavities?

What stands between you and a healthy smile? Some people struggle with poor oral health because they do not do enough to consistently clean their teeth. For others, an issue with their diet choices can expose them to more risk for dental decay. It is also possible for dry mouth to affect your ability to prevent problems… Read more »

Teaching Good Oral Hygiene Habits To Young Children

At first, parents take on an active role in protecting a child’s smile by cleaning their teeth. Over time, kids can develop the coordination and understanding to start brushing and flossing on their own. How can you make sure your kids are ready to do this, and how can you be sure they are doing… Read more »

Better Flossing Can Help You Avoid Cavities And Gingivitis

What makes flossing important to your overall commitment to maintaining a healthy smile? When you brush your teeth, you can thoroughly remove plaque and food debris from most areas of your teeth, but the bristles of your brush are less effective at cleaning in those spaces where teeth meet. Unfortunately, many people are satisfied after… Read more »