Month: February 2020

Convenient Treatments Help You Find Time For Cosmetic Work

Problems with teeth stains, as well as general wear and tear, can lead to real consequences for your smile. While you can see how unwanted changes are affecting the way you look, it may be hard to know what you can do about the matter. Sure, your St. Louis, MO dentist does offer cosmetic dental… Read more »

Smile Care Tips That Benefit Kids And Parents

You want your kids to grow up with healthy smiles, but you also need to give your teeth time and attention. Everyone in your family can benefit from a good oral hygiene routine, as well as regular dental checkups. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, Dr. Johnson is prepared to help patients of all… Read more »

Did You Stop Visiting The Dentist? 3 Reasons To Start Again

When you stay consistent with semiannual dental appointments, these regular evaluations can keep you informed about the state of your oral health. As an example, if a cavity has started to form since your last appointment, it can be identified and treated with a lifelike dental filling before it grows more concerning. Your visits also… Read more »

Parents Can Learn Important Information At A Well Baby Exam

The arrival of your child’s first tooth is a big developmental milestone, but it is one that arrives with a new responsibility. While proper oral hygiene is important for protecting a baby’s gums, the eruption of their teeth starts the period when they need protection from cavities. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we… Read more »