Month: December 2017

Securing The Right Restorative Treatment For Your Cavity

When your dentist takes care of a cavity, they make sure the tooth in question still has support to handle biting and chewing pressures by placing a restoration. The dental restoration you receive needs to keep a tooth safe from the regular forces placed on it, as well as from potential future infections. How do… Read more »

How Bonding And Contouring Make Impressive Cosmetic Changes

The ideal cosmetic dental work will cover up unsightly flaws without making your appearance seem unnatural. After all, the goal of these treatments is to make you feel more confident in your smile, without making it apparent you have had work done. A bonding and contouring treatment allows your dentist to make artistic, precise changes… Read more »

How Do You Restore Dental Implants?

We’ve recently discussed dentures and bridges as a way of replacing a missing tooth, but what about implant dentistry? With dental implants, we can replace your tooth in a way that most resembles its original form and function. What does placing an implant involve? How do we restore them to ensure a more natural appearance?