Month: March 2021

We Can Deal With More Than Just Cavities At A Checkup

You should worry about the formation of cavities, and you should make restorative dental work a priority if your dentist identifies a problem with dental decay. During your regular dental exams at our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we make cavity prevention and restoration a priority. With that said, your smile is vulnerable to other issues. Patients of Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can… Read more »

How Tooth Bonding And Contouring Changes Your Smile

Are you currently comfortable with your smile, or are there certain flaws that make you less than happy with your appearance? If you are someone who wishes they could make changes to the way they look, but feel intimidated by the idea of cosmetic dental work, consider the benefits of tooth bonding and contouring work. At our… Read more »

Dental Checkups At An Early Age Can Have Long-Term Value

Once your baby’s teeth begin to arrive, they will be vulnerable to the formation of cavities. You will obviously have an important role to play in preserving their dental health at this age, you can count on your dentist for help! Our St. Louis, MO dental office is happy to provide a “well baby exam,” an appointment… Read more »

3 Habits That Help You Avoid Calculus Buildup On Your Teeth

Plaque deposits form when bacteria and other materials gather on teeth. Fortunately, you can remove plaque when you brush and floss, and stop this substance from hurting your oral health. Unfortunately, when plaque deposits are not removed in time, they harden and form calculus deposits that you are not able to remove on your own…. Read more »

You May Be More Vulnerable To Cavities Than You Realize

How effective are your efforts to prevent cavities from forming and affecting your oral health? While you should be confident in your oral hygiene routine, be careful not to assume you have no risks at all to worry about. People who underestimate the threat of decay can fail to identify shortcomings in their routine, or… Read more »