Month: May 2018

Early Visits Help Kids Feel Comfortable With Their Dentist

What do children gain from visiting the dentist at an early age? Once your child’s teeth start to become visible, it is time to think about how to best protect their oral health.   It is important to learn to care for your child’s teeth, and how their diet and habits can affect their dental development. The American… Read more »

Treating Different Types Of Dental Discoloration

If all you care about is making your smile brighter, why do you need to worry about the source of your dental discoloration? A professional teeth whitening treatment can lead to remarkable results when patients are trying to eliminate stains that have gathered on their teeth. However, if you arrive at the dentist looking for… Read more »

Can Daily Stress Take A Toll On Your Oral Health?

Picture yourself taking the time to brush and floss in the morning. Do you see yourself making a proper effort to make sure your teeth are being fully cleaned? You may make a point to practice good dental habits, but those habits can be disrupted by a packed schedule, and general feelings of stress. When… Read more »

What Steps Should You Take To Protect Your Veneers?

You may be excited to receive porcelain veneers, but feel pangs of anxiety when you think about how something might happen to them. Because porcelain veneers are permanently affixed to your teeth, you may be unsure of how they will impact your diet choices, or how they might change your approach to preventive dental care. You… Read more »