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2019 Is Near – Have You Used This Year’s Dental Benefits?

As we enter the final months of 2018, your mind may be trained firmly on the holidays. The end of the current year provides us with opportunities to see family, enjoy time off from work, and prepare for the next year. It can also be your last chance to take advantage of the dental benefits… Read more »

What Kind Of Dental Problems Require A Root Canal Treatment?

Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO can provide the kind of regular preventive dental care that helps you avoid dental pain. Unfortunately, too many people decide to wait until something feels wrong before they will see their dentist. When you avoid routine visits, a problem can grow in severity until a root canal is needed. A root… Read more »

Is It Time To Seek Care To Address Dental Pain?

Dental discomfort may come in the form of a tooth with heightened sensitivity to heat and cold. It can also come in the form of persistent pain, which can make it harder to keep up with your daily responsibilities. You should take tooth pain seriously, as it can be a sign that you are in… Read more »

Dealing With A Cavity That Has Spread To Your Pulp

Once a cavity has formed, your dentist’s help will be needed to stop its growth, and spare your tooth further harm. When you seek restorative dental care at an early stage, your dentist can address decay while it only affects your enamel. However, if you fail to seek treatment in time, a cavity can create… Read more »

Securing The Right Restorative Treatment For Your Cavity

When your dentist takes care of a cavity, they make sure the tooth in question still has support to handle biting and chewing pressures by placing a restoration. The dental restoration you receive needs to keep a tooth safe from the regular forces placed on it, as well as from potential future infections. How do… Read more »

How Do You Restore Dental Implants?

We’ve recently discussed dentures and bridges as a way of replacing a missing tooth, but what about implant dentistry? With dental implants, we can replace your tooth in a way that most resembles its original form and function. What does placing an implant involve? How do we restore them to ensure a more natural appearance?

Do You Have Questions About Root Canal Treatment?

When a tooth develops an infection or an abscess, treatment is crucial to preserve the tooth and keep your smile whole. We often treat infected teeth using an endodontic solution known as root canal treatment. Comparable to receiving a dental filling, a root canal can help return your tooth to optimal health and function.

How Do You Place A Filling?

If you have a cavity, then treatment is needed. Otherwise, the decay could soon lead to more serious problems. In many cases, we can treat the issue in one visit with a simple restoration. How do we place a dental filling? What should you expect from the procedure?