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Dental Crowns Renew Your Smile

st. louis dental crowns

When a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged, these are situations in which a filling or dental bonding are not enough to repair the tooth. To avoid worsening symptoms and the risk of tooth loss, you need a complete restoration. In today’s blog, your St. Louis, MO, dentist’s office explains how we can repair and… Read more »

When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

st. louis tooth extraction

What happens when a tooth develops damage or an oral health concern too severe to be treated with a restoration, such as a crown or filling? In these situations, lack of action could leave the smile vulnerable to a host of serious complications. In today’s blog, your St. Louis, MO, dentist’s office talks about when… Read more »

Placing Fillings That Match Your Smile

st. louis dental fillings

Tooth decay is an oral health concern that impacts smiles of all ages, and could lead to painful symptoms and even the risk of infection. To bring relief and prevent infections or abscesses, you may need a dental filling. In today’s blog, your St. Louis, MO, dentist’s office discusses how we can place dental fillings… Read more »

Do I Need To Replace My Dental Crown?

When you need restorative treatment, your St. Louis, MO dentist’s office will take care to provide a durable and lifelike crown or filling to protect your tooth. Dental crowns are capable of covering vulnerable teeth and protecting them against further harm while also providing valuable bite support. While that support is meant to be permanent, you can find yourself… Read more »

Effectively Caring For Chipped And Misshapen Teeth

Whether the problem with your misshapen tooth is one that has always worried you or a more recent problem, it can be difficult to simply ignore. Both naturally occurring flaws with tooth shape and size and problems with dental damage can alter a person’s smile and leave them self-conscious about their appearance. If this is something that… Read more »

Use Those Yearly Dental Benefits While You Still Can!

The final months of the year are approaching, but you have more time than you realize to make the most of 2022. One matter to think about is what you have done with your dental benefits to date, and what you can do before they can no longer be used. There is still time to make sure… Read more »

We Can Examine An Uncomfortable Filling

Are you losing the ability to comfortably bite and chew with a tooth that has been through cavity treatment? Restorative dental work addresses problems with decay by placing fillings or crowns. With both options, we can provide long-term support that will keep your tooth safe and secure. A dental filling does this while only covering… Read more »

Is Discreet Cavity Care Really Possible?

If you have a cavity, treatment will have to take place in order to save your tooth from further harm. In order to ensure it remains safe, you will need to receive a filling or crown for support. While this can be less concerning when you need work done on a molar, which is hard to… Read more »

How Crowns Provide Smile Care Solutions

There are real improvements that you can see when you receive dental crowns. They can have welcome benefits for your oral health, but they are not limited to providing functional support. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can recommend that you receive a crown that can imitate your natural tooth and provide benefits for your… Read more »

Our Practice Provides Composite Fillings

With composite resin dental fillings, we can treat a cavity without affecting your appearance. The resin substance is applied directly to the area where your decay has formed, and it will provide protection to ensure that your bite, like your smile, is not changed by your treatment. Remember that our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is here to… Read more »