Month: March 2018

Professional Cleanings Can Address Plaque And Tartar Buildup

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you are protecting your smile by removing accumulated plaque and food debris. Effective preventive dental habits can keep your mouth clean of harmful agents, and keep your risks for cavities and gum disease lowered. Unfortunately, plaque may gather over time, even when you take care to protect… Read more »

Have Your Teeth Shifted After Orthodontic Work?

People who undergo orthodontic work at an early age can feel confident their teeth will remain in their new positions. Unfortunately, many patients will see their teeth start to revert to their earlier alignment over time. This can happen when patients fail to use their retainers properly, but other problems, like the late arrival of… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile With A Custom Mouthguard

If you have ever experienced dental trauma, you can be all too familiar with how distressing – and painful – this kind of injury can be. Serious harm can make emergency care necessary, but even a seemingly minor injury can require restorative dental treatment. Because they can face real risks for injuries that affect their… Read more »

Dealing With A Cavity That Has Spread To Your Pulp

Once a cavity has formed, your dentist’s help will be needed to stop its growth, and spare your tooth further harm. When you seek restorative dental care at an early stage, your dentist can address decay while it only affects your enamel. However, if you fail to seek treatment in time, a cavity can create… Read more »

Making Sure Your Teeth Whitening Efforts Are A Success

How can you make sure that your efforts to whiten your teeth end with you showing off a significantly brighter smile? The type of whitening treatment you use certainly matters. You may be less than thrilled at the degrees of change provided by a whitening toothpaste, or another store bought whitening treatment. If you want… Read more »