Month: April 2020

Poor Oral Health Can Impact More Than Just Your Smile

When you brush and floss your teeth, and go in for dental exams and cleanings, you protect more than just your smile. Keeping up with your oral health can help you avoid problems that can actually affect your general health in ways that may surprise you. By protecting yourself against tooth decay, you can avoid a potentially… Read more »

3 Obstacles To A Healthy Smile You Should Know About

What is stopping you from maintaining your healthiest smile? Patients who believe they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their oral health are sometimes caught off guard by news that they need restorative dental work. Despite convincing themselves they have no problems with their hygiene routine, they may be making a costly mistake, or… Read more »

Your Caffeine Habit May Affect Your Smile In Unwelcome Ways

Caffeine can feel like a crucial ally when you have an early start to your day, or when you need to stay focused and productive at the end of a busy period. Because beverages like coffee, tea, and energy drinks are so present in our lives, you may not notice just how often you turn… Read more »

Did You Know? Stress Can Interfere With Your Oral Health

While we often think about stress in terms of the emotional toll it can take, remember that you may also undergo unwelcome physical effects during a difficult period. If it is not being managed effectively, your stress can actually pose a problem for your smile. You can have a more difficult time keeping up with the… Read more »