Month: September 2019

Porcelain Veneers Can Correct Distracting Smile Flaws

If you want to hide distracting smile flaws from the people you meet, you might take care to avoid smiling, or even limit how much you talk. If you want a lasting solution for these problems, and a boost to your confidence, make an appointment at our St. Louis, MO dental practice to discuss porcelain veneers!… Read more »

You Still Have Time To Use This Year’s Dental Benefits!

Remember that professional dental care has an important role to play in your efforts to preserve your oral health. Fortunately, your dental benefits can make it easy for you to arrange services that allow you to maintain the quality of your smile. While the end of 2019 is still several months away, the year can wrap up… Read more »

Intimidated By The Idea Of Cosmetic Work? Talk To Us!

While you think fondly of how you might look after cosmetic dental work is done, the treatment process itself may feel intimidating. When patients are unsure of what to expect during cosmetic work, they can imagine that procedures are more involved than they really are. During a consultation, you can find out how our St…. Read more »

Is There Room For Improvement In Your Brushing Routine?

Over years of daily use, your teeth can start to lose layers of enamel. This natural erosion can be hard to avoid, but you should know that it may affect your risk for cavities. What can you do to make sure you continue avoiding issues with tooth decay over time? Keeping up with regular dental… Read more »

Is Your Favorite Breakfast Hurting Your Smile?

For some people, a day is not officially started until they have their go-to breakfast. Are you devoted to a particular brand of cereal? Do you gravitate towards pastries, bagels, or other hand-held treats? The unfortunate truth is that many of our favorite breakfast options can be loaded with sugar. As a result, you continue… Read more »