We Can Provide Great Dental Care For Parents And Kids!

Once you become a parent, your oral health obligations are about more than just your own smile. Your child’s smile will need proper protection from an early age. Over time, your involvement in their care will become less direct as they develop the ability to brush and floss on their own. However, you still need to make sure they are doing these tasks effectively, and enjoying a diet that does not increase their cavity risk. Your St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can also provide important help for your child’s smile. We welcome young patients for pediatric care, and we can offer important dental exams to you.

We Can Help You Protect Your Child’s Developing Smile

Dr. Johnson can welcome your child for a first visit that serves to help them feel comfortable in this new space. This appointment, referred to as a “well baby exam,” should happen within six months of their first tooth’s appearance, or by the time they turn one year old. At this initial meeting, your child can become familiar with our office, and Dr. Johnson can perform a comfortable visual examination to make sure there are no early issues with the eruption of their teeth. By the age of three, you can start bringing your kid for regular pediatric dental appointments.

Tips For Helping Your Child Take Care Of Their Teeth At Home

Parents can have a big impact on their child’s oral health, starting at an early age. Your dentist can offer tips and guidance on cleaning their teeth when they are young. Once your child is old enough to clean their teeth without your help, you should still check on them, and make sure they perform these tasks well enough to truly protect them from trouble.

Remember that you can affect your child’s smile in different ways – you can instruct them on brushing and flossing, you can bring them to dental appointments, and you can help them avoid unhealthy food and drink choices. Providing healthy meals and snacks, and warning them about the effects of sugar, can keep them from making choices that increase their risk for cavities, and the need for restorative dental work.

Make Sure Your Oral Health Needs Are Being Addressed, Too!

Everyone in your family can count on quality smile care with Dr. Johnson! Our practice is ready to help you keep your teeth in great shape during regular dental appointments. We are also here to help if you want to address any cosmetic problems you have with your smile, or if you need to schedule treatment for an oral health concern.

Schedule Dental Care For You And Your Child At Magnolia Family Dental!

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