Can Invisalign Deliver The Orthodontic Adjustment You Need?

If you have teeth that are improperly aligned, it can have a negative effect on your appearance. This issue is more than just cosmetic, however – patients who have crooked teeth can experience issues related to poor bite alignment, and may have a harder time avoiding cavities. What approach should you take to straightening your misaligned teeth? Using Invisalign to adjust your smile will give you a way to fix problems with crooked, poorly spaced teeth without using metal braces. That freedom from braces can be exciting to people worried about how they might look during an orthodontic adjustment. There is also the added benefit of being able to remove your aligner when you eat, and clean your teeth. While some people have issues with poor alignment that demand metal braces, you can find out from your dentist if you qualify to use Invisalign.

Using Invisalign Aligners To Correct Your Smile Flaws

Your smile and your oral health can be negatively affected due to teeth that are spaced too far apart, or those that might overlap improperly. Invisalign aligners give you a means to bring all of your teeth into proper alignment. As you move from one aligner to the next, you can see the gradual changes that take place, until your smile is fully corrected!

How Orthodontic Care Can Impact Your Overall Oral Health

Can orthodontic work really make it easier to avoid problems that demand restorative dental care? Your struggles to avoid cavities may be partly caused by teeth that overlap in ways that make them harder to effectively clean, which can lead to a risk for cavities and gum disease. Poor dental alignment can also mean poor bite alignment, which can cause wear and tear to build up on certain teeth, and increase your risk for TMJ troubles.

Talk To Magnolia Family Dental About Starting Treatment With Invisalign

At Magnolia Family Dental, patients who want to make orthodontic changes can find out if Invisalign is the right approach for them. Our practice is proud to work with individuals who want to fix frustrating problems related to poor dental alignment. To find out more, you can arrange your appointment today by calling Magnolia Family Dental in Kirkwood/St. Louis, MO, today at 314-822-4521.