Don’t Wait, Practice These Smile-Friendly Resolutions Today!

While the setting of New Year’s Resolutions can help people stay on track with their goals, you don’t have to wait until January 1 to make positive changes in your life. Evaluating and improving your daily behaviors can have substantial impact on the health of your smile. When you brush and floss, are you really doing enough to fully clean your teeth? Plaque can gather on any spaces you fail to properly address, which can increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. While your St. Louis, MO dentist is ready to help you by providing expert care at your dental exams, remember that effective smile care should feature a combination of professional and personal support.

Make Sure You Practice Smart Oral Health Habits On A Daily Basis

What makes daily oral care truly effective? The key to protecting your smile is to be thorough with your cleaning routine, and careful about your diet. If you expose your teeth to an abundance of sugary, sticky products, you are increasing your cavity risk. If you only occasionally take the time to thoroughly clean your teeth by brushing and flossing, harmful bacteria can accumulate. When you brush, take care not to miss portions of your teeth, and to move your floss string vertically while you clean between your teeth. It can be a mistake to assume that brushing more aggressively means enjoying a deeper clean. You can clear away plaque without forceful motions, and the increased friction can actually wear down your enamel.

Take Advantage Of The Professional Services Your Dentist Can Provide

Even if you take the utmost care to defend your smile against cavities and periodontal problems, preventive treatments with Dr. Johnson go beyond what you can do on your own. These visits include detailed evaluations of your teeth, and professional cleanings that are capable of removing any calculus deposits present on your smile.

Magnolia Family Dental Can Offer Quality Care To Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile

At Magnolia Family Dental, patients can look forward to dedicated oral health care whenever they come in for an evaluation. When you can count on professional care, and put in the effort to keep your teeth healthy at home, you can feel more confident in the health and appearance of your smile! You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson by calling Magnolia Family Dental in Kirkwood/St. Louis, MO, today at 314-822-4521.