Drinking More Water Can Be Good For Your Oral Health

You should be taking the time to properly brush and floss, and you should make semiannual dental checkups part of your overall smile care practices. This familiar advice is important to follow, but there are other preventive dental health tips you should know. For example, you can help your teeth and gums by drinking more water. This helps you when you drink water as a replacement for soft drinks and other potentially harmful beverages at meals. Being hydrated is also important because it becomes easier to produce saliva, which helps you deal with oral bacteria. Your St. Louis, MO dentist can offer guidance if you worry that your approach to preventing oral health trouble is not effective enough.

Replacing Soft Drinks With Water Can Help You Avoid Future Cavities

Choosing water over a different beverage can cut down on your sugar consumption for the day. If you are someone who regularly likes to pair meals with soft drinks, this change can reduce how much sugar the oral bacteria on your teeth take in, which protects you against tooth decay. It should be noted that even though diet sodas lack the high sugar count of their regular counterparts, their acidity is still a concern. Acidic products soften enamel, which can reduce your natural defense against tooth decay.

Being Better Hydrated Can Help You Prevent Decay

Better saliva production can help you break down the foods you eat, and protect you against uncomfortable dry mouth. Saliva can also neutralize the bacteria in your mouth, so you can reduce your risk against the threat of cavities. If you are consistently dehydrated, you can have a harder time keeping your teeth in good health.

What Other Steps Can You Take To Improve Your Oral Health?

If you are not already doing this, you should have your semiannual dental visits scheduled. Every time you come in for preventive care, Dr. Johnson can check on your oral health, and make sure any issues are dealt with through the appropriate restorative dental treatment before they become more serious. These visits also include a careful cleaning of your teeth, which will help you avoid problems in the future. An issue like tooth decay can be treated with a discreet dental filling, before it grows worse.

Beyond seeing your dentist regularly, you should be mindful about the way your daily habits truly protect your teeth. You should take at least two minutes to brush effectively, and you should floss each day. When you perform these tasks, pay attention to your gum line – failing to do so can put you at a greater risk for gum disease.

Magnolia Family Dental Can Offer Important Oral Health Support

Magnolia Family Dental can help you take care of your teeth and gums during every preventive dental visit. You can also count on our practice to help you deal with any oral health issues that arise, or to provide cosmetic dental care. To schedule an appointment, please call Magnolia Family Dental in Kirkwood/St. Louis, MO, today at 314-822-4521.