Fitting In A Whitening Treatment Before Summer Ends

A child enjoying time away from school can feel that summer is unfairly short. While our relationship to this season can change in adulthood, it can be easy to feel that these warm, sunny days are awfully brief. Even as we approach fall, you can be happy to know that you still have time to make great cosmetic improvements to your smile this summer! At our St. Louis, MO dental practice, we can help you flash a dazzling smile after a teeth-whitening treatment. You can meet with Dr. Johnson to pick up a custom whitening kit to use at home, or we can perform an in-office whitening treatment that can be completed in one appointment!

Professional Teeth-Whitening Can Be More Convenient Than You Expect

For many people, a take-home whitening kit can be a wonderful combination of convenience, and effectiveness. As with a store bought product, a take-home whitening kit allows you to address teeth stains at a time that works for you. What makes a professional kit different is that you are able to deal with discoloration more effectively with prescription-strength whitening agents. You can be amazed at how much good these products do, and how different your smile looks after stains are removed. If you want to make sure your results are achieved before an upcoming event, you can see those results after just one appointment at our practice.

Our Treatment Options Can Lead To Better Results Than Store Bought Whiteners

Store bought products that promise to whiten your smile can do an effective job of removing stains from the surface of your enamel, but they can offer limited overall improvements. This can leave people disappointed, as they remain unhappy with teeth that appear dull. Because Dr. Johnson can provide you with safe, but stronger, whitening agents, you can make sure that difficult stains are removed, which can result in you showing off teeth that are a more brilliant shade of white!

Learn About Our Other Cosmetic Treatment Options

Our office can offer more than one solution for smile troubles! When you are concerned by teeth stains, a whitening treatment can show obvious benefits. However, this approach can have less appeal if you are concerned that your teeth appear crooked, or if certain teeth look jagged or uneven. With porcelain veneers, you can make your smile look better by correcting problems with the shape, size, or spacing of teeth. If you want to address flaws without the use of permanent restorations, you can also learn more about bonding and contouring work.

Enjoy A Whiter Smile, Thanks To Magnolia Family Dental!

Make an appointment at Magnolia Family Dental to learn how your smile can look better and brighter before summer ends! We are proud to offer effective solutions for tough teeth stains, and we can also discuss procedures to help you deal with other smile flaws. To learn more about our cosmetic dental services,  call Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO at 314-822-4521.