Invisalign Aligners Provide An Alternative To Metal Braces

When you think about the process of correcting gaps, overlaps, and other problems related to poor dental alignment, you may assume that metal braces are needed. These traditional appliances can make important corrections possible, and lead to both cosmetic and oral health benefits. However, people can be wary of starting treatment because they are uncomfortable with the idea of having these permanent, hard to ignore appliances put in place. You can be happy to learn that with Invisalign aligners, you can see real orthodontic results without relying on fixed braces! You can meet with your St. Louis, MO dentist, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell, and learn how Invisalign can help you.

Are You Ready To Correct Problems With Poor Dental Alignment?

Poor dental alignment can make you self-conscious about your smile, while also creating problems for your bite function. You may feel more than ready to have straighter teeth, even if you still have questions about orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can help you understand what to expect from Invisalign, and how they differ from traditional orthodontic appliances. You can look forward to a straighter, more attractive smile while enjoying a better adjustment experience.

Starting Your Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

Your Invisalign aligners will be custom-made to fit your teeth, and provide the appropriate adjustment experience. Once your custom appliances are ready, Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can provide you with the aligners you will be using, and talk to you about what to expect. Your Invisalign aligners are hard for people to see, which can make patients more comfortable in professional and social settings. They can also be removed without issue, so at points when they might be in your way, you can simply take them out without trouble. Invisalign provides the orthodontic adjustment you are seeking, while also providing you with the means to correct problems with your smile in a way that is surprisingly discreet, and easy to fit into your life!

Straightening Your Teeth Can Also Offer Oral Health Benefits!

Would you expect your orthodontic treatment to offer oral health benefits in addition to smile improvements? Because straighter teeth offer an obvious cosmetic improvement, people sometimes overlook how an adjustment can affect their well-being. You can find it easier to avoid tooth decay when you correct overlaps between teeth, as spaces that were once difficult to clean become more accessible. This can mean fewer tooth fillings or dental crowns in your future! You can also have an easier time with your bite function, which can reduce pressure on your jaw joints.

Talk To Magnolia Family Dental About Invisalign Aligners

At Magnolia Family Dental, we can offer great orthodontic improvements with Invisalign aligners! These appliances offer great results for patients who are interested in straightening their teeth, but worried about their experience with braces. For more information about the services we provide, call Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO at 314-822-4521.