Is It Time To Start Cutting Back On Soft Drinks?

If you are having a hard time protecting your teeth against decay, you may connect the problem to your efforts to brush and floss. Improvements may be important in regards to your daily oral care routine, but there are other aspects of your daily life that could be affecting your well-being. Your typical diet – particularly your drink preferences – could have more impact on your dental health than you realize. One reason people struggle to stay cavity-free is because they drink soft drinks too often. Your St. Louis, MO dentist’s office can help you fight tooth decay when it forms. In between appointments, make sure you take smart steps to improve your ongoing defense against cavities!

Why Should You Be So Concerned About Soft Drinks?

Soft drinks may be tasty, but their high sugar content, and their acidity, makes them a threat to your smile. Giving oral bacteria more sugar to consume throughout the day leads to those bacteria producing more acids, which steadily erode your enamel. The acidity of soft drinks can actually weaken your enamel, and make you more vulnerable to the formation of cavities.

Improving Your Daily Routine To Better Protect Your Smile

When you replace soft drinks with water, you do more than just take away part of your normal sugar intake. Water can wash away harmful food particles and other debris on your teeth, protecting you from future cavities. Water is also better for staying hydrated, and better hydration makes it easier for your body to naturally fight cavities.

Replacing soft drinks is just one smart step Dr. Johnson can recommend to a patient who wants to improve their cavity-fighting efforts. Other beneficial changes to your daily routine can include healthier snacking, more time spent on brushing and flossing, and staying on track with semiannual dental checkups.

We Can Address Teeth Stains Caused By Soft Drinks And Other Products

Soft drink consumption can lead to problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns. With that said, these beverages can also be a cosmetic dental problem, as dark colas can leave behind stains. A professional whitening treatment may be called for if you already have accumulated stains that hurt the way you look. You can decide if a take-home whitening kit is better for you, or if you would prefer to schedule an in-office whitening procedure.

Magnolia Family Dental Can Help You Better Protect Your Smile

Magnolia Family Dental welcomes families in and around St. Louis, MO who want to keep their teeth safe. In addition to providing great support at every routine exam, Dr. Johnson can provide patients with smart tips and practices that help them fight cavities between appointments. If you want to improve your oral health, or if you are worried about a possible dental problem, let us know! You can set up an appointment with Dr. Johnson by calling Magnolia Family Dental at 314-822-4521.