Take On Your Smile Flaws With Bonding And Contouring Work

How close are you to showing off your best possible smile? Is your appearance compromised by a dental flaw – or several flaws – that you would like to address? While cosmetic dental work is certainly capable of making significant changes to the look of your teeth, it is also possible to make slight, but important, improvements. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide guidance about cosmetic treatment, and what you can expect from the results of a procedure. If your goal is to target specific problems that draw unwelcome attention, you can find that bonding and contouring work offers significant improvements through relatively minor changes.

One Procedure Can Address Multiple Smile Concerns

Through bonding and contouring work, Dr. Johnson can help you hide a specific flaw that makes you self-conscious, or several problems that might be hurting your smile. Contouring work makes changes to the shape and size of teeth in order to make your smile look more uniform, and to address the appearance of improper overlaps between teeth. Dental bonding can cover up discoloration, damages, and any other issues that might make a tooth look less attractive.

What To Expect During Your Bonding And Contouring Treatment

Your bonding and contouring experience will differ from another person’s, just as your smile issues can differ from their issues. You may need minor adjustments to the shape of teeth, but more help with issues like wear and tear, or discoloration. While one person might come in hoping to reduce the size of certain teeth, your best results can come from bonding work that makes a smaller tooth look larger. After your smile has been studied, and you have shared your goals for treatment, Dr. Johnson can talk to you about the most conservative approach to making your dream smile a reality!

We’re Ready To Find A Solution To Your Smile Worries!

Bonding and contouring work can be effective in many situations, and for many different smile flaws. If you are interested in an alternative to this treatment, other cosmetic procedures are available. Rather than having composite resin applied to your tooth structure, you can have custom porcelain veneers put in place to hide flaws. If you are focused on the color of your teeth, and not with their shape and size, a professional teeth whitening procedure could be ideal for you.

Discuss Bonding And Contouring With Magnolia Family Dental

Dr. Johnson is ready to meet with people in and around St. Louis, MO who want to know more about dental bonding and contouring! You can look forward to amazing changes from this one cosmetic procedure, and start showing off your best smile. You can also come to Magnolia Family Dental for help with oral health issues, and if you want to enjoy a routine dental exam. To find out more, you can reach Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO today by calling 314-822-4521.