Can Stress Turn Into An Oral Health Issue?

The toll stress takes on your emotional and physical well-being should not be ignored. While people often recognize the importance of stress management for their general health, they may not realize that it can also help them maintain their oral health. When you control your stress levels, you control your risk for developing teeth grinding issues, which protects you against problems with jaw pain and dental damage. Lowering your stress can also help you stick to a daily routine that is better for your oral health. During regular checkups at our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we offer consistent smile support through routine dental evaluations and cleanings. At these appointments, we can talk with you about matters like teeth grinding, and also help you understand the role stress may be playing in your struggles to maintain a healthy smile.

Is Stress A Frequent Issue For You?

Frequent spikes in stress levels, or prolonged periods of heightened stress, can take a toll on a person both physically and emotionally. While some periods of stress are hard to avoid, effective management helps control these issues. Taking the time to stick to a healthy routine, and working on controlling physical responses like teeth grinding, help you avoid some of the hazards associated with these unpleasant feelings.

Trouble Controlling Your Teeth Grinding? Tell Your Dentist

Problems with teeth grinding make a person vulnerable to serious dental damage, and they can cause chronic jaw pain. Over time, they may even cause chips and cracks that require dental crowns to restore teeth! Our practice is able to provide custom appliances for those who frequently grind their teeth at night, protecting you from the harm done by this problem. Bruxism appliances are custom-made so that they fit comfortably, and to ensure that they remain in place while you are at rest.

Stress Can Affect Your Daily Routine In Frustrating Ways

Seemingly small reactions to stress may carry more consequences than you realize. If stress changes your eating habits, you may not realize how your risk for tooth decay is impacted until a cavity is found at your next preventive dental appointment. Stress-related issues with your sleep or energy levels can affect your concentration on your brushing and flossing routine, further raising your risk for problems. It is important to stick to good oral hygiene habits at all times, particularly when stress tempts you to set aside smart choices for your smile.

Our St. Louis, MO Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile!

At Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO, patients are provided quality preventive care during their routine appointments. We are here to help patients of all ages make sure their teeth remain healthy. We are also ready to provide support if you need to address an active concern with your dental health. Find out more about our services by calling Magnolia Family Dental at 314-822-4521.