Tips For Protecting Your Baby’s First Teeth

father caring for baby's first teethThe arrival of your baby’s first teeth marks an important milestone, but it also creates a new responsibility for you. Even as they first start to arrive, teeth are vulnerable to problems with decay. Gently cleaning your child’s first teeth will help them avoid difficulties with cavities, which helps prevent potential issues with the development of their oral structures. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is here to help you take care of your infant’s developing smile. Within six months of their first tooth’s arrival, or by their first birthday, your child should come in for a “well baby exam.” This affords Dr. Johnson the opportunity to check on your child’s initial dental developments, and creates an opportunity for your baby to grow comfortable in this new environment.

Gently Cleaning Your Baby’s First Teeth

Carefully brushing your child’s first teeth will help them avoid early issues with decay. Use a child-sized toothbrush and a small portion of toothpaste – the amount should be around the size of a grain of rice. Plaque is removable without aggressive brush strokes, so gentle cleaning will help keep bacteria from gathering and creating problems for your infant. During a “well baby exam,” you can speak with Dr. Johnson about how to continue supporting your baby’s dental health, and how to adjust your approach as they age and grow.

Bring Your Child In For A “Well Baby” Exam

The first experience your baby has with the dentist’s office should be a positive one. A “well baby” exam helps to ensure this. At the appointment, an emphasis is placed on helping children grow comfortable in new surroundings. Dr. Johnson can also carefully examine the arrival of your child’s first teeth to make sure there are no early issues to address. At the appropriate age, children can start their routine dental exams, which rely on the cleanings and evaluations to help patients avoid troubles with cavities and other issues.

The Importance Of Good Oral Health At An Early Age

While there is never a good time to have a cavity, decay creates problems for early dental development that should not be ignored. If cavities affect primary (baby) teeth, your baby becomes vulnerable to tooth pain, and the problem may interfere with the arrival of their secondary (adult) teeth. When that interruption occurs, there is a greater risk for teeth crowding as more adult teeth begin to arrive.

Our St. Louis, MO Dentist’s Office Can Care For You And Your Baby!

You can bring your baby to our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office for their initial appointment! Dr. Johnson is prepared to make young children feel safe and welcomed at our practice while also confirming their dental development is free of any issues. We offer important oral health services for patients of all ages, and can help everyone in your family maintain lovely smiles! Find out more by calling Magnolia Family Dental at 314-822-4521.