Did You Stop Visiting The Dentist? 3 Reasons To Start Again

When you stay consistent with semiannual dental appointments, these regular evaluations can keep you informed about the state of your oral health. As an example, if a cavity has started to form since your last appointment, it can be identified and treated with a lifelike dental filling before it grows more concerning. Your visits also provide you with protection from tartar buildup thanks to the teeth cleaning services included in these preventive visits. So what can happen if you stop seeing a dentist for regular evaluations? Without these appointments, you lose access to information on your oral health, and problems can steadily worsen without treatment. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is ready to help you return to the habit of routine checkups, and we can help you keep your smile in good shape!

1. Enamel Erosion, Health Changes, And Other Factors Impact Your Cavity Risk Over Time

Good daily habits and smart dieting can help you control your risk for problems that might call for restorative dental work. What you should know is that a routine that is effective today may lose some value over time as you age. Gradual erosion of your enamel, and changes in your health can make your teeth more susceptible to decay over time. If you are not receiving regular teeth cleanings, tartar accumulation can become an increasing concern, as it can expose your enamel to more harm.

2. Consistent Checkups Help You Avoid Problems With Gum Disease

Gingivitis is a problem that should concern you, but it is a problem that can be effectively addressed. If you show symptoms of periodontal problems at a checkup, Dr. Johnson can recommend a scaling and root planing to target the bacteria causing trouble for your gums. Keeping on top of your periodontal health is important. If gingivitis is not treated, the condition can become harder to manage, and create more problems for you!

3. You Can Discuss Concerns About Your Appearance That Might Affect You Over Time

Are your teeth starting to look dull and discolored? Is your appearance being hurt by dental wear and tear? At regular appointments, you can talk to Dr. Johnson about your concerns and receive care to help preserve your smile. If the condition of your teeth is affected by bruxism (habitual teeth grinding), we can provide a custom appliance to keep them safe. We can also talk with you about your options for cosmetic dental work if you are starting to feel self-conscious about how you look when you smile.

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At Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO, Dr. Johnson is prepared to help you keep your smile in great condition with regular preventive appointments. At these visits, you receive support to keep your teeth safe from decay and other oral health threats. For more information, call Magnolia Family Dental today at 314-822-4521.