Can A Lack Of Sleep Start To Affect Your Oral Health?

Tired curly woman yawn, has sleepy expression, drinks coffee early in morning, holds white muf of hot beverage, fatigue after work, wears bright stylish clothes, isolated on white wall, empty spaceIt can be hard to feel fully engaged with your daily responsibilities when you have not enjoyed a proper night’s rest. One night of poor sleep can make you spend your next day feeling groggy, irritable, and unfocused. If you continue to struggle with sleep issues, these issues can become more serious, and can have consequences for your general health. In these periods where you lack sleep, you may put your smile at risk in ways that you do not realize. Many caffeinated drinks are acidic, and may be high in sugar. Your tiredness may also interfere with your ability to practice good brushing and flossing habits after you wake. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office encourages patients to consistently protect their teeth. In addition to helping you at regular dental checkups, Dr. Johnson can provide insights on how you can make smart choices on your own.

It Is Important To Stay Consistent With Your Oral Health

Any issue that interferes with your oral health is something that you should be aware of, and seek to address. During a period where you struggle to rest appropriately, you may not give your smile the attention it deserves in order to avoid problems that require restorative dental work. Looking for ways to return to better sleep habits can help your mouth and body stay in good condition. If you are feeling particularly tired after poor sleep habits, make sure you still prioritize good brushing and flossing in order to prevent the buildup of plaque and calculus.

Stress, Anxiety, And Fatigue Can Affect Your Self-Care Habits

When you experience problems with your well-being, it can become more difficult to keep up with good habits even when you recognize their importance. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue can be difficult to avoid, but managing them – and taking care of yourself while you do so – can help you avoid dental fillings and dental crowns.

Tips For Practicing Good Oral Care While Tired

The morning breath you experience when you first wake up can be the result of oral bacteria. These microbes can accumulate while you sleep, making oral care at the start of your day particularly important. Keep this in mind if you are tempted to skip brushing and spend a few extra minutes in bed. Be sure that you also take the time to properly clean your teeth at the end of your day as well. Be careful about your preferred caffeine source. While coffee and tea can be enjoyed without sugar, they can cause teeth stains, and may lead to dry mouth. Caffeinated drinks that are higher in sugar, like energy drinks and soft drinks, can raise your cavity risks.

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