A Private Improvement With Invisalign®

Smiling Couple St. Louis MOIf you struggle with the improper alignment of your teeth, then you understand how this condition can affect nearly every aspect of your life. You depend on your smile to help you give positive first impressions, and you want to look your best when you meet new people, in both your professional and social lives. When your smile is held back by the alignment of your teeth, the situation can impact your ability to succeed.

For a form of treatment that you can keep to yourself, speak with our office in St. Louis, MO about clear aligners from Invisalign®. Some patients shy away from orthodontic improvement because of the intrusion that can come with traditional methods, such as bulky braces. You have the opportunity to achieve a more attractive smile with nearly invisible aligner trays that gently adjust your teeth, giving you a greater sense of privacy in your cosmetic dentistry. Simply wear your aligners throughout the day, and notice a difference in your appearance with treatment from Invisalign®!

Improving Your Alignment Helps Both Your Appearance And Your Oral Health

When your teeth are not in a proper place on your oral ridge, the situation can be harmful to multiple aspects of your dentistry. From a cosmetic perspective, you may have gaps or crowding that you would like to correct. Clear aligner treatment from Invisalign® can help this situation, giving you a more attractive and symmetrical smile.

There are also medical benefits to improving your smile, as your teeth are intended to rest in a certain place on your oral ridge. When your teeth are not where they need to be, you may have a harder time maintaining your dental health properly. For instance, overlapped teeth can be difficult to clean, as your brush might not reach all of the external surface. Plaque and tartar can accumulate in areas where you cannot fully brush and floss. Talk to us about Invisalign® treatment to improve your oral health!

How Invisalign® Helps Correct Your Condition

Your new aligner treatment from Invisalign® uses progressive sets of nearly invisible trays to move your teeth. Using tested concepts of orthodontic therapy, your aligners will shift your smile into alignment. Simply wear these aligners through the course of the day, and start to work on your treatment. You will need to keep these in almost all of the time, removing them only to eat and care for your dental hygiene of brushing and flossing. Nobody else will even be able to notice your process!

See If Invisalign® Is Right for You With Magnolia Family Dental

If you are looking for a way to improve your alignment while keeping the process private, reach out to our team. Discuss Invisalign® with Magnolia Family Dental at (314)822-4521 today!