Erase Those Stubborn Stains Professionally!

Suit Man St. LouisIf you have started to see a change in the way your smile looks, take the time to talk with a trusted dentist about your situation. When enamel stains begin to build up on the surface of your teeth, they can be difficult to remove on your own. Even with the use of whitening toothpastes and rinses, your smile can continue to look yellowed or dull.

At our office of cosmetic dentistry experts in St. Louis, MO, you have a dedicated team to help you to free yourself of your problem stains. Start your path with an appointment for a cleaning and examination with your dentist, and while you are here, be sure to ask all of your questions about professional teeth whitening. With our team, you have access to two distinct methods to lift your stubborn stains, so tell your provider about your needs! Whether an at-home kit is your solution, or if you prefer a speedy office visit, we are here to help!

Begin Your Cosmetic Dental Path With A Checkup

When you want to see a brighter smile in the mirror, speak with your dentist about the ways that you can safely remove your enamel stains. Overbleaching can cause lasting dentin sensitivity, so a trusted dental health professional is a powerful tool in keeping your smile strong. Those supermarket products do not come with the expertise and training that you need, and it can be easy to repeatedly use them while trying to achieve the desired effect.

Tooth discoloration does not always happen as a result of enamel stains, as well. If your smile has begun to turn dark or dim as a result of internal changes, you may need a different approach to see the improvement that you want. By starting with a semiannual checkup with your dentist, you can better understand what is happening and how to treat your condition.

In The Office Or At Home? Ask Your Dentist About Your Teeth Whitening Options

If your dentist gives you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel stains, it is time to talk about your possibilities. Teeth whitening from our office can take one of two forms, either in the office for a speedy solution or a convenient at-home kit. Each of these approaches has its own set of strengths, so be sure to discuss your timeline and comfort level with your provider.

Learn More About Cosmetic Teeth Whitening With Magnolia Family Dental

The accumulation of stubborn stains on your enamel can be difficult to remove on your own. When you want to see an improvement to the shade of your smile, talk to Magnolia Family Dental at (314)822-4521 in St. Louis, MO about your choices in cosmetic teeth whitening!