A More Radiant Smile With At-Home Care

radiant smile st. louis moHave you been searching for a way to whiten your smile in a safe and effective way? There are more options than ever before at your local drugstore or supermarket, but these can create their own problems if used improperly. Some conditions may look like enamel stains at first glance, and without the help of an experienced oral health provider, you could wind up bleaching your teeth without any results to show from it. When you want to achieve a radiant smile, talk to a trusted dentist about your cosmetic possibilities.

With our helpful local dental team at Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO, you can lift those stubborn enamel stains and renew your smile. We give our patients the choice in their care between a convenient at-home teeth whitening solution and a simple in-office appointment, helping you to find the course of care that works best for you. If you have been living with a stained smile, talk to our team today about ways to look your best while maintaining the strength of your natural enamel!

Your Dentist Is Here For Times Like These

With the recent explosion of available over-the-counter teeth whitening products, it may seem like you can avoid the dentist and head instead to your local supermarket. While these options may work for some individuals, it is always safer to consult with your dentist before you attempt any improvements on your own. Those stains may actually be plaque and tartar buildup, and this requires a different form of treatment. By bleaching your teeth before removing the bacterial accumulation, it can leave you with an uneven appearance, while ignoring the underlying oral health condition.

Helping You Reclaim Your Radiant Smile

Start your cosmetic dental journey with a semiannual checkup with our team and learn more about the cause of your tooth discoloration. If your dentist determines that you have extrinsic enamel stains, then it is time to discuss your options in teeth whitening treatment.

At Magnolia Family Dental, we give our patients the choice between at-home cosmetic teeth whitening and a speedy visit with our team. Talk with your provider about the benefits of each approach, as they offer different advantages. At-home treatment provides a convenient solution that you can use alongside your nightly oral health routine, helping you to brighten your smile without too much intrusion. Or if you have a big day coming up, ask about whitening in the office, which can have you in and out in a flash!

Schedule Your Next Appointment With Magnolia Family Dental

When you are ready to banish those stubborn stains, we are here to help you reach a radiant smile on your own terms. To find out more about cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, reach our front desk at (314)822-4521 and schedule your next visit with Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO today!