The Lasting Value Of Dental Checkups

Every six months, you should have feedback about your smile from a dental professional. Because the new year has just begun, this is a great time to think about your commitment to smile care and make sure you have appointments set for your family! Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is ready to provide dependable preventive services during every routine visit. Dr. Johnson-G’Sell is here to help patients of all ages, so we can extend our support to everyone in your household. Remember that we are also prepared to help if you need restorative dental work, or if you have concerns about your appearance you would like to address through cosmetic treatment.

Regular Checkups Help You Preserve Your Smile And Health In The Long Term

Even if you have high confidence in your smile care routine, you should take advantage of preventive services. During your appointments, we will provide valuable feedback about the state of your teeth and gums as well as perform thorough dental cleanings. This combination of services can help you stay healthy and avoid the kinds of problems that call for restorative dental work. By going without these checkups, you make yourself more vulnerable to issues, and you are more likely to let a problem go unaddressed until there are complications!

What To Expect At Your Next Exam And Cleaning

During your routine visit with Dr. Johnson-G’Sell, you will undergo a thorough review as well as a dental cleaning performed by our hygienist. Cleanings fight the buildup of plaque and tartar that can hurt a person’s smile as well as their oral health. These sessions can provide you with protection as well as helpful feedback about your efforts to care for your smile. During your review, you can learn about any active issues with your oral health that require attention. In addition to looking out for cavities and gum disease, we can warn you about evidence of TMJ disorder or teeth grinding, which can hurt your quality of life and damage your enamel.

How The Early Detection And Treatment Of Problems Protects You

While it is never welcome news to hear that you have a cavity, early detection provides important protection against dental infections! You may not realize when a cavity initially forms, but you can have a difficult time ignoring the evidence of advanced dental decay. Unfortunately, by the time those symptoms do affect you, more involved treatment can be necessary. You can avoid this problem when you have your teeth checked regularly for smaller cavities that can be treated with dental fillings.

Talk To Your St. Louis, MO Dentist To Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup!

At your next routine dental checkup, our practice can make sure you have important feedback about your smile as well as a dental cleaning to fight the formation of plaque and tartar. If you have questions about our services, or if you want to make sure your next visit is scheduled, please call Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO today at 314-822-4521.