Should I Consider Dental Bonding Work?

When you feel unhappy with your smile, you can find that there are different cosmetic services that can help. What may surprise you is just how much good one conservative procedure can do for your appearance. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide meaningful improvements through tooth bonding and contouring work. With this approach, problems with teeth that are cracked, chipped, discolored, or misshapen can be carefully restored to improve your appearance. Because there is no need to have a permanent restoration made and placed, we can deliver results in as little as one appointment!

Is There Something You Hope To Change About Your Smile?

Any problems that you have with your smile can take away from your overall confidence in the way you look. Just one tooth that stands out because of damage, problems with its shape or size, or issues with its color can feel like an unwanted focal point for others. It can disrupt your facial symmetry as well. Rather than simply try to keep dental flaws out of view, you can look into services that treat cosmetic flaws to provide lasting smile changes. Our practice offers several services, including dental bonding and contouring work that can make changes with a conservative approach to your care.

Tooth Bonding And Contouring Services Offer Results With Conservative Preparatory Work

Tooth bonding and contouring work can deliver results that make your smile more symmetrical and attractive, and it can produce changes that ensure flawed teeth no longer become focal points for others. These services can work together to make precise improvements while minimizing any effects on your tooth structure. The contouring process helps by carefully reducing the size of larger teeth, and by reshaping any that look jagged or uneven. The bonding treatment hides concerning discoloration and can carefully cover chips and cracks. Bonding also helps to reshape or add size to teeth. These processes can be fit into a single appointment, which means your results can be ready in less time than you expect!

We Provide Options For Patients Interested In Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several cosmetic services that you can discuss with Dr. Johnson-G’Sell. Porcelain veneers are able to take on different issues with your appearance by covering the front surfaces of teeth. This requires more time and preparatory work than bonding and contouring, but your veneers do provide remarkable durability. As a result, it can be easier for you to maintain your results. We can discuss these services as well as options like teeth whitening and work with clear aligners, which address specific concerns.

Discuss Your Cosmetic Treatment Goals With Your St. Louis, MO Dentist!

The right approach to cosmetic dental work can help you make meaningful changes to your smile. If you would like to learn about the benefits of tooth bonding and contouring or any other service we offer, contact Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO at 314-822-4521.