We Can Examine An Uncomfortable Filling

Are you losing the ability to comfortably bite and chew with a tooth that has been through cavity treatment? Restorative dental work addresses problems with decay by placing fillings or crowns. With both options, we can provide long-term support that will keep your tooth safe and secure. A dental filling does this while only covering the portion of your enamel where a problem developed. You should feel comfortable enough after treatment to maintain your usual bite function. If you lose the ability to do so, or if a filling bothers you because it hurts, feels loose, or is otherwise uncomfortable, have it evaluated. Your St. Louis, MO dentist can check to see if you need a new restoration in order to preserve your health and dental function.

Is An Older Filling Causing You Discomfort?

The right filling can remain secure and comfortable for many years, even as you continue to apply pressure with the tooth when you bite and chew. Of course, just as your enamel is more likely to experience harm when you practice poor hygiene habits, you can hasten problems with a restoration if the right approach to preventive care is not taken. Whether you have problems with a filling that was put in place many years ago or experience unexpected issues sooner, we can help! Based on our review of the tooth and restoration, we can let you know what we recommend for preventing further difficulties.

We Can Provide Timely Support When Something Is Wrong With Your Oral Health

Timely care for a problem filling can prevent complications that damage your enamel, make you vulnerable to infection, and otherwise create difficulties for you. We can both provide a new restoration when needed and check to see if any problems currently affect your tooth’s health. What you can find is that you need the support of a crown to properly protect the tooth instead of a filling. Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can ensure that you have a crown placed that imitates your healthy enamel and fits properly, which can ensure you have no further issues with your smile or dental well-being.

Keep Up With Dental Exams To Avoid Potential Oral Health Complications

Any time you come in for a general dental exam and cleaning, you can count on a review of your restorations. When these reviews take place, they can result in the discovery and treatment of problems with fillings or crowns that need to be replaced. Of course, these visits also help you avoid new problems, as they include thorough cleanings that rid you of harmful plaque and calculus.

Talk To Your St. Louis, MO Dentist If Your Dental Filling Feels Uncomfortable

If you start to worry about a dental filling, you can count on our dental office to help you! We provide this and other services to ensure that our patients maintain healthy, confident smiles. If you would like to find out more, reach out to Magnolia Family Dental at 314-822-4521.