Protect Your Teeth From Overnight Grinding

Park Man TMJ St. Louis STLOne of the most prevalent sleep disorders is the unconscious grinding of teeth, also known as bruxism. This condition might seem like a simple annoyance, but it can cause significant harm to your dental health if you do not protect yourself. There are major complications associated with bruxism, including enamel erosion, which happens when you wear away the surface of your teeth. It can be a struggle trying to change this activity, as you are asleep!

There is an accessible form of helpful treatment in custom night guards, so that you provide a soft landing spot for your jaw overnight. At Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO, we offer a gentle solution through the use of these oral appliances that work to protect your natural enamel from bruxism wear. This method can also be effective in the management and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, allowing you to prevent jaw motion overnight!

A Custom Guard Keeps Your Teeth Safe From Collision

Bruxism can cause distinct wear to the chewing surface of your teeth, as your repeated grinding removes tiny bits of your enamel. This activity is difficult to stop on your own, so you could be harming your oral health for hours until you wake up. Instead, our approach is to focus on the immobilization of the jaw, blocking your ability to grind your teeth.

The use of a custom mouthguard is a helpful method of bruxism treatment that protects your enamel while you sleep. This slim BPA-free acrylic appliance keeps your teeth from colliding, giving your jaw a comfortable landing spot. Speak with your trusted dental provider about whether a custom guard is the right decision for your smile, and start treatment for your bruxism. With this therapy, you may notice a significant difference when you wake up in the morning as your mouth experiences a full night of rest!

Oral Appliances Are Also Helpful In The Treatment Of Some Jaw Dysfunction

If you struggle with temporomandibular joint disorder and dysfunction, you understand the frustration that can come alongside this condition. A custom nightguard can be an effective form of treatment for this condition in addition to its preventive bruxism benefits, so schedule a consultation with your dental provider. We are here to help you to protect your smile, and keep an open line of communication about all your needs, to help you receive care!

A Better Sleep Is Possible With Treatment From Magnolia Family Dental

Your sleep disorder is more than just a nightly annoyance. Speak with a member of our team at Magnolia Family Dental with a call to (314)822-4521, and we can help you find a consultation time that works for you!