Renew Your Smile With An Implant Restoration

Older Man St. Louis MOIf you have lost a tooth, take some time to learn about all of your available options in prosthodontic repair. One of your replacement possibilities is known as a dental implant, and this method is rapidly becoming one of the most popular solutions for a reason. A biocompatible implant is a form of sturdy repair that keeps your smile looking gorgeous, even after you lose one or more of your natural teeth.

With our team of prosthetic dentistry experts in St. Louis, MO, you can have a beautiful new restoration through the placement of a dental implant solution. Schedule an appointment for a consultation, and while you’re here, be sure to ask all of your questions about the process. This method uses a durable titanium rod within your jaw, and through an amazing process known as osseointegration, your bone tissue heals around it. After your short period of recovery, your dentist can attach a custom new prosthetic, giving you a replacement that blends in with your natural smile!

A Dental Implant Creates A Strong Connection Between Bone And Your Restoration

The process of placing a new dental implant relies on a threaded titanium post. This metal is very important in this method, as titanium has a specific biochemical property that fools your body into identifying your new implant post as if it were part of your own body. Rather than attacking this like any other foreign object, the chemical makeup of titanium allows it to remain within your jaw as your bone tissue heals into the threads of the post.

Due to this, your new implant restoration can withstand some tougher tests than with other methods. In addition, if your prosthetic ever becomes damaged, your provider will be able to replace it with a new custom solution. For the renewal of your bite function, a dental implant can be highly effective!

Implant Restoration Technology Can Be Used To Replace Multiple Teeth

With the advancement of dental implant technology, you are not limited to a single-tooth solution. Multi-tooth methods are quickly becoming the standard in a broad range of tooth replacement situations, up to and including a full set of implant-retained dentures. If you have been holding off on speaking with your dentist because you need a more extensive repair, now is a great time to learn about the possibilities that are available to you!

Ask Your St. Louis, MO Dentist About The Advantages Of Implant Restoration

When you lose one or more of your natural teeth, speak with our team about all of the benefits of an implant solution. To learn more about this process or to schedule your appointment for a consultation, give us a call today at Magnolia Family Dental at (314)822-4521!