A Brighter Smile With Professional Whitening

A brighter smile st louis moHave you noticed that your smile just looks dingy, even right after brushing? This may be a result of enamel stains left by the foods and beverages that you love to enjoy. If those pumpkin spice treats have started to leave their mark, talk to your dentist about ways to safely remove them. Overbleaching can lead to dentin sensitivity, so make sure that you are working alongside a trusted dentist when you are looking for a brighter smile.

With our team of cosmetic dentistry experts in St. Louis, MO, you have a choice between two forms of effective teeth whitening treatment. Set aside some time for a cleaning and examination, and while you are at your checkup, ask about the differences between the two. For some, a simple at-home solution is the most comfortable, and we can help you to improve the appearance of your smile right along your nightly brushing and flossing. If you need a speedier solution, schedule an appointment for a single visit to the office and erase those stains before that big day!

Talk With Your Dentist Before Making Cosmetic Changes

These days, the toothpaste aisle at your local supermarket is filling up with cosmetic whitening products. From pastes to rinses and everything in between, they are everywhere. But these options do not give you a key part of your cosmetic dental process: a dedicated oral health professional.

By working alongside your dentist to craft a specific treatment plan for your smile, you can better understand the causes of your dull or yellowed smile. Some forms of tooth discoloration will remain even with a strong bleaching, so you could be wasting your time if you start with an over-the-counter product. Also, when you repeatedly bleach your teeth, you could wind up with dentin sensitivity, which is a lasting condition. Start your cosmetic path with a dental checkup!

Find A Whitening Solution That Works For You

After your dentist gives you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel stains, then it is time to discuss your options in whitening treatment. With our team, you have access to two distinct methods of teeth whitening. At your appointment, ask all of your questions about the differences between the two.

For some, a speedy in-office whitening appointment can help to achieve a brighter smile in just one visit. Others would feel a little more comfortable with a solution to use at home, alongside their nightly brushing and flossing. We can help you to understand the advantages of each!

Achieve A Brighter Smile With Magnolia Family Dental

When your smile just isn’t what it used to be, take the time to talk with a trusted local dentist. For more information on professional cosmetic teeth whitening, give us a call at Magnolia Family Dental in St. Louis, MO at (314)822-4521.