Oral Hygiene Tips For Families

A proper oral hygiene routine is beneficial at every age. However, while you and your kids both benefit from good dental health, you can have different needs when it comes to maintaining your teeth and gums. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office recognizes this, which is how we are able to provide dependable services for both children and adults. For our younger patients, our pediatric services provide important feedback and in-office care along with beneficial guidance. For adults, we can provide ongoing help so that you can more easily maintain a smile that is healthy and attractive. (more…)

Unhappy With The Color Of Your Smile?

When you start to notice unwelcome changes in your smile color, it can be difficult to ignore growing concerns about your overall appearance. Unfortunately, just as it can be tough to disregard dental discoloration, it can be difficult to effectively remove stains on your own. Does this mean you need to simply accept that this problem affects you? By bringing up your concerns with your St. Louis, MO dentist, you can fight dental discoloration and effectively improve your appearance. We offer different teeth whitening approaches, and we can look out for patients who might require different approaches to cosmetic dental work. (more…)

The Lasting Value Of Dental Checkups

Every six months, you should have feedback about your smile from a dental professional. Because the new year has just begun, this is a great time to think about your commitment to smile care and make sure you have appointments set for your family! Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is ready to provide dependable preventive services during every routine visit. Dr. Johnson-G’Sell is here to help patients of all ages, so we can extend our support to everyone in your household. Remember that we are also prepared to help if you need restorative dental work, or if you have concerns about your appearance you would like to address through cosmetic treatment. (more…)

Cavity Treatment With Lifelike Restorations

In times when tooth decay needs to be addressed, know that the right restorative treatment can provide lasting protection without changing your smile. This is because our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office provides dental fillings and dental crowns that can successfully imitate healthy enamel! Through the appropriate care, we can make sure that your issues with decay will not cause lasting difficulties for your smile and oral health. Remember that we are also here to help you by providing preventive services that will make it easier for you to avoid trouble over time. (more…)

Keep Your Smile Healthy In The New Year

Will you spend part of 2022 dealing with tooth decay or gum disease? If your goal is to keep your smile as healthy as possible, you should think about how you can make the most of your oral hygiene routine. Seemingly small issues with your approach to brushing and flossing can hurt your ability to maintain your dental well-being. Recognizing shortcomings in your routine and fixing them will be important, and so will your regular dental examsOur St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is here to support you when you are due for preventive checkups, and we can also help you address concerns about your appearance or oral health when they arise. (more…)

Starting Dental Exams For Your Child

The early milestones in child development are important. When it comes to oral health milestones, early dental visits provide you with beneficial information, and they help kids develop a sense of comfort around oral health care. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, parents can count on us for ongoing support once their child is old enough for their initial appointment. We can even make these visits easier to arrange by providing complimentary dental exams for children under two when parents come in for their own appointments. (more…)

Helpful Changes To Your Oral Hygiene Routine

What does an effective oral hygiene routine really do for you? Beyond helping you preserve a confident smile, your routine will fight the buildup of plaque and tartar, lower your cavity risk, and keep you safe against gingivitis. As we approach the start of a new year, you should think about both major resolutions and small (but important) adjustments in your daily activities. Your St. Louis, MO dentist can help you evaluate your smile care approach to look for ways to make improvements and continue to protect yourself against oral health threats! At your regular checkups, we can talk about your daily routine and also discuss any active concerns that we can manage. (more…)

Enjoy Cosmetic Work Before The Year Ends

We are approaching the final month of 2021, but you may find that you have more time than you realize to take care of important tasks. Individuals who want cosmetic dental work done can be surprised by how little time it takes to see results. At our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office, we can provide convenient in-office care, and we can even provide teeth whitening solutions you can use in the comfort of your home! With the right approach, we can help you end this year with exciting improvements to the way you look, which can help you begin 2022 with renewed confidence and excitement. (more…)

Thanksgiving And Your Oral Health

Between time spent with family, delicious food, and delicious desserts, there are many reasons to look forward to Thanksgiving. This time of year can be full of fun, but if you are not careful, you can find that your enjoyment leads to a higher cavity risk. What can you do to make the most of your holiday and still protect your smile? Be consistent with your oral hygiene efforts, even while you travel, and be mindful of how the food you put on your plate might affect your enamel. You should also make sure you are current with your preventive dental services. You still have time to use your dental benefits for the year, and you can count on our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office to support your smile! (more…)

Making Good Use Of Your Dental Benefits

Are you going to finish the year with a healthy and attractive smile? One way to make sure this happens is to take full advantage of your dental benefits. By enjoying consistent preventive services, you receive protection for your teeth and gums as well as early intervention when you have problems. Our St. Louis, MO dentist’s office is happy to meet with you to provide a routine oral health evaluation and dental cleaning. We are also prepared to help you in the event that problems are identified in the course of your appointment. (more…)