A Chronic Teeth Grinding Habit Can Lead To Dental Woes

When a person habitually grinds their teeth, they can suffer problems in the short-term as well as the long-term. The consequences of teeth grinding in the short term include dental sensitivity, as well as muscle tension and discomfort in your neck and shoulders. You can also develop problems with your jaw joint (TMJ dysfunction), and experience permanent dental damage. This problem with frequent teeth grinding, known as bruxism, can be particularly damaging because you may grind your teeth throughout the night while you sleep. If you suspect that you might be grinding your teeth, let Dr Johnson know. She can suggest a  special oral appliance that will keep your teeth safe, provide relief, and protect you against other problems related to bruxism.


Can Invisalign Deliver The Orthodontic Adjustment You Need?

If you have teeth that are improperly aligned, it can have a negative effect on your appearance. This issue is more than just cosmetic, however – patients who have crooked teeth can experience issues related to poor bite alignment, and may have a harder time avoiding cavities. What approach should you take to straightening your misaligned teeth? Using Invisalign to adjust your smile will give you a way to fix problems with crooked, poorly spaced teeth without using metal braces. That freedom from braces can be exciting to people worried about how they might look during an orthodontic adjustment. There is also the added benefit of being able to remove your aligner when you eat, and clean your teeth. While some people have issues with poor alignment that demand metal braces, you can find out from your dentist if you qualify to use Invisalign. (more…)

Early Visits Help Kids Feel Comfortable With Their Dentist

What do children gain from visiting the dentist at an early age? Once your child’s teeth start to become visible, it is time to think about how to best protect their oral health.   It is important to learn to care for your child’s teeth, and how their diet and habits can affect their dental development. The American Dental Association recommends bringing your child to the dentist within six months of your baby’s first tooth arriving.  Dr. Johnson-G’Sell can then complete a “well baby” exam, and will begin to answer questions you may have about how to care for your child’s teeth,  and visually check to see that their development is on track and that there are no early signs of decay. This is not a traditional routine dental checkup. What Dr. Johnson-G’Sell does during this appointment varies depending on your child’s age and cooperation.  These are typically fun and “easy” visits to help your child feel comfortable in our office, and they will receive a special prize or sticker!  We want our patients to have positive early memories of visiting the dentist.  Regular pediatric dental exams typically start at around the age of three. These checkups are particularly important because they help to inform you, their parents, about why good oral health care is so important, while also protecting them from threats like tooth decay as early as possible. (more…)

Treating Different Types Of Dental Discoloration

If all you care about is making your smile brighter, why do you need to worry about the source of your dental discoloration? A professional teeth whitening treatment can lead to remarkable results when patients are trying to eliminate stains that have gathered on their teeth. However, if you arrive at the dentist looking for a way to address intrinsic discoloration, you may be surprised to learn that a whitening treatment may not be the optimal solution. Fortunately, alternative approaches to cosmetic dental care can lead to impressive improvements, so you can leave treatment brimming with confidence in your appearance! (more…)

Can Daily Stress Take A Toll On Your Oral Health?

Picture yourself taking the time to brush and floss in the morning. Do you see yourself making a proper effort to make sure your teeth are being fully cleaned? You may make a point to practice good dental habits, but those habits can be disrupted by a packed schedule, and general feelings of stress. When you have to dash off to work, or have different matters weighing on your mind, you may end up maintaining a less than ideal oral care regimen. Of course, stressful situations can lead to more than just poor habits. Your stress can lead to frequent teeth grinding, or issues with TMJ dysfunction, that result in chronic pain, and dental damage.  (more…)

What Steps Should You Take To Protect Your Veneers?

One of our patients, excited to show off his smile after receiving porcelain veneers

You may be excited to receive porcelain veneers, but feel pangs of anxiety when you think about how something might happen to them. Because porcelain veneers are permanently affixed to your teeth, you may be unsure of how they will impact your diet choices, or how they might change your approach to preventive dental care. You should know that your veneers are designed with the understanding that they need to be tough to hold up against the pressures put on them when you bite and chew food. They can be protected through regular brushing and flossing, though you may want to change to a non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid a scuffing concern. With smart care, you can look forward to years of cosmetic dental improvement from your veneers!


Work Habits That Can Negatively Affect Your Smile

The health of your smile should be a priority, but there are obviously going to be times when it is far from the forefront of your mind. You can take care to focus on your dental needs when you brush and floss, or when you have a routine dental appointment coming up, but you may not realize the way your routine can leave your teeth at risk. Your habits at work can play a surprisingly big part in how well your smile’s health is maintained. If you want to reduce your risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease, evaluating your behaviors at the workplace can lead to you finding areas of improvement. (more…)

Addressing Tooth Loss With An Implant-Supported Restoration

Tooth loss is a serious issue that can impact your appearance, your oral health, and the quality of your daily life. You can reduce your risk for losing teeth by keeping up with periodontal care, and maintaining a healthy smile. If you have already suffered the loss of even one tooth, you should discuss receiving a prosthetic replacement with your dentist. Many patients are now enjoying the advantages provided by an implant-supported restoration. With the stability provided by a dental implant, you can feel more confident in your dental function, and feel great about how you look. Your dentist can help connect you to a specialist who can place your implant, and they can provide you with an attractive and durable restoration. (more…)

Is It Time To Seek Care To Address Dental Pain?

Dental discomfort may come in the form of a tooth with heightened sensitivity to heat and cold. It can also come in the form of persistent pain, which can make it harder to keep up with your daily responsibilities. You should take tooth pain seriously, as it can be a sign that you are in need of restorative dental care. If your discomfort is connected to physical damage, or to an advanced cavity, a root canal treatment may be necessary. Your dentist can make your comfort a priority during this procedure, while also making sure your oral health troubles are fully addressed. After a treatment, your tooth can enjoy the lasting protection from a dental crown. (more…)

Cosmetic Work Can Address Problems With An Unsightly Tooth

You may find it hard to feel confident in your smile when you feel people are drawn towards that one unsightly tooth that fails to fall in line with its neighbors. A single tooth that is discolored, visibly damaged, or simply seems out of place because of its size or position can create a frustrating disruption. Fortunately, your dentist is able to address the problem with cosmetic dental work. By identifying the appropriate treatment, and making plans to address the situation, they can do stunning work that can transform your appearance. It should be noted that if your flawed tooth leads to functional issues, your dentist may suggest having a dental crown placed. (more…)