Ready To See What Porcelain Veneers Can Do For You?

Your smile is a prominent feature, and it can have a significant role in how confident you feel about your appearance overall. Even one relatively minor flaw in your smile can have a big impact, but multiple concerns about your teeth can make the idea of cosmetic dental work feel intimidating. How much time will it take for your dentist to make the changes you want to see? How many procedures will you need to undergo? Patients looking to make dramatic changes can be thrilled to learn how porcelain veneers can help them. By having veneers created and placed, you can see a dynamic overall improvement with this single procedure! (more…)

Suffering Daily Headaches? Your Dentist May Be Able To Help

Headaches can cause major interference with your daily life. Suffering ongoing discomfort may compromise your ability to work, and make it difficult to keep up with social plans. You may not realize it, but the source of your pain and frustration could be found in your jaw joints. One common effect of TMJ dysfunction is the experiencing of recurring headaches, in addition to other pains concentrated in your face and neck. This condition, caused by stress or misalignment in your jaw, can be difficult to live with; fortunately, your dentist can provide help. If you are also dealing with bruxism, a condition where you habitually grind your teeth, your dentist can supply you with a protective mouth guard. (more…)

How Is Invisalign® Beneficial?

Crooked teeth are problematic in several ways, including for your bite’s function and the long-term health of your teeth. However, for many patients, the most immediate problem is how crooked teeth make their smile look, which can negatively impact their overall self-confidence. With that in mind, many patients may hesitate to wear conspicuous metal braces to straighten their teeth, and may suffer more serious malocclusion as a result. Fortunately, many patients find Invisalign® clear aligners beneficial not only for straightening crooked teeth, but for doing so in a way that doesn’t affect their smile’s appearance. (more…)

Securing The Right Restorative Treatment For Your Cavity

When your dentist takes care of a cavity, they make sure the tooth in question still has support to handle biting and chewing pressures by placing a restoration. The dental restoration you receive needs to keep a tooth safe from the regular forces placed on it, as well as from potential future infections. How do you know what kind of restoration you will receive? The amount of decay your tooth goes through will dictate what is placed on it. For smaller amounts of decay, a dental filling can be the appropriate solution. However, in cases where a tooth has suffered a larger amount of damage, a dental crown can be more suited to the job of offering long-term support. (more…)

How Bonding And Contouring Make Impressive Cosmetic Changes

The ideal cosmetic dental work will cover up unsightly flaws without making your appearance seem unnatural. After all, the goal of these treatments is to make you feel more confident in your smile, without making it apparent you have had work done. A bonding and contouring treatment allows your dentist to make artistic, precise changes to flawed teeth. You can cover up concerning discoloration, while also making discreet changes to the shape and size of a particular tooth. In many cases, a patient who opts to have bonding and contouring performed can have all the work they need done completed in just one appointment! (more…)

Does A Toothache Mean I Need Dental Care?

No one enjoys a toothache! Often, the discomfort could be an indicator of an oral health concern, one that requires attention to prevent serious complications. Your toothache could mean your smile needs to be seen by a dental professional, sooner rather than later. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the possible causes of an aching tooth, and what we can do about it.


Can Your Bridge or Denture Use Implants?

Thanks to advanced technology and dental materials, modern dental bridges and dentures are more realistic in their fit and appearance than ever before. Digital imaging creates highly precise measurements to guide your prosthesis’ creation, while materials like dental porcelain ensure that your replacement teeth are virtually indistinguishable from your healthy, natural teeth. Even if you already have a bridge or denture in place, you may benefit from upgrading it to a dental implant-supported restoration. (more…)